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Finally home atlast! Vivian said with a smile on her face. I was just quiet, and waited for her to tell me where she went.

" Honey! I'm home, sorry I didn't came home last night because I got drunk with Kelly! You know Kelly... right? My officemate. The who loves to wear skirts in our office, the one you asked If she was already married because her body figure looks as if she never had given birth?

" You whore! How did you got hired easily in a company?" Are you having an affair with you boss?" I shouted. "No! I am not having an affair with my boss! Where did you get that idea?"..."Someone told me" I replied. Okay! fine! Honestly I got in that company because my boss was me ex husband but I swear I am not cheating on you!".I already know the truth even if you lie to me! If you love me... leave your job and just take care of our son.

Vivian thought of it for an hour before she said " Fine! I will not go to work anymore but be sure you provide everything we need".

And so she did. Soon she have changed. She became a responsible mother to our son and a better wife to me. But I got worried about her, Because she  looks like she was losing her mind. Maybe because she don't go out of our house because she hates our neighbors for making up stories about her. And I guess for her "life was like living in a square". Because our house is too small and she was always inside our square room alone with our son in our house that was too quiet and abandoned by it's owner for along time. She always tells me me that our son saw a man standing outside our window. And one time our son told her, "Mommy, mommy There is a monster looking at me, standing  outside our window". And while we were living there, I sometimes hear talking by himself and though maybe because he is a child he has an imaginary friend. So we hired her nanny again to look after him. But his nanny said." I dont want to go back to you house anymore".

I saw a stranger there inside your house in your hallway. I thought It was a thief but when I went upstairs, nobody was there. Sometimes me too, I do not know what was there inside our house. There was a time when I just stay at home with Vivian. We were upstairs playing online games, when suddenly, our Dvd player just turned on by itself. Sometimes i see my wife like she was not in herself. She walks with her eyes close. I don't know how she did that. So I took her and our son in our house and we stayed there so that she could come back to work again. But we didn't abandoned our house.

Viviana and I, we always have a fight. Because I feel like she was always cheating on me... But soon I learned to trust her again. But I don't know why she was like that! She keeps on cheating on me. Maybe because Im always busy with my work. And so I just drink out with my friends to forget my problems with her. I know it was also my fault why she always look for another man, probably because she don't want to get bored with her life and she always needs love and attention. But I guess,I was just being too paranoid. Because after her working hours, she always goes home right at the time. But what I've noticed with her is that she was always infront of her laptop. Chatting with her friends. But I'm not sure if she was telling the truth. So I investigated while I was at work. And because I was a computer technician and I graduated as a programmer before I entered a band, I was good at computers and i know how to hack accounts. We went back to our old house because i dont want my parents to see us almost killing each other.

Till I caught her. I printed a conversation of her with another man she just met on the internet. We had a quarrel. And was guilty that I almost killed her. Because she and her lover had plans. Plans for their future life including my son! And that she will file an annulment with me. She complained that she was a batttered wife! Yes! I am guilty! My life with her was full of paranoia. We always fight and she always end up being beaten up. But i was her fault. Because she was unfaithful. But I am also guilty tah sometimes I wasn't sure if she was cheating with me, but I was always a paranoid.

" As if I was hearing voices telling me to hit her that I almost killed her".

It was a weird feeling but sometimes I really do not know why I was so angry at her even if she wasnt doing anything wrong with me. And I think, I myself too was starting to lose my mind. Like there were demons living with us inside our house who loves to make us fight with each other.... Sometimes I look at myself infront of the mirror and see myself as if I was growing horns in my forehead,. And I was turning into a Devil. And blink my eyes. I thought my eyes were blurring. Vivian and i rarely go to work, We were always inside our house inside a square. We both were losing our minds indide our house with our son so innocent and just kept on watching television and play computer games ignoring us.

Why did our life turned out that way? What was the real reason behind this insanity?

But sad to say Vivian is not here with me because her parents took her to a hospital after I pushed her down the stairs. And her head bleed and she had bruises, I was guilty about. I did that to her.I was not allowed to visit her in the hospital because according to the doctors, I was the reason behind her trauma.

Before her parents brought her to the hospital, I was so shocked with what I saw. She was hurting herself, hitting her forehead as if there was a certain thing controling her and she was asking for help. And her voice sounds like 2 different persons screaming for help while the other voice was saying words i do not understand. For me its sounds like latin. I do not know what she was saying and I knew and felt that, she wasn't my wife anymore. I saw an evil sign on her forehead.

There is a voice of a man talking but she is a woman and her voice changed. Saying... please help me.... Then another voice will speak... and I cannot understand what she was saying. But I remember the words she kept on saying.... Satini! Satini!...and others I cannot remember. She jumped up and down, up and down, with the pouring blood on her forehead. she even went outside, she made a scene and our neighbors saw her, saying that my wife is losing her mind.

She was jumping up and down, up and down,  She was talking too fast as if there were 2 people talking with different voices. A voice of a man and the other one sounded like a voice of a priest. Praying Latin, and telling Vivian to pray with him. Then the voice of another one screamed words I couldn't understand. But the voice sounds like a devil inside her body, I prayed to God that time, and told Vivian, to be strong.  Then I hear her begging...  saying... "help me tired.... help me....Oh! God i am sorry for my sins.

Then another voice speaks, "Satini! Satini...and uttered words that sounds latin for me. And I heard her saying " the devil dwells in you! You asked for It! You claim it!

"Pray Vivian! Pray!" said the other man who sounded like a priest.

"Vivian was a strong person, she asked for forgiveness from God" even if she never memorize A catholic prayer". Then her voice changed again. Praying Our father holy be thy name, thy kngdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sinned against us Amen. Oh Please God Help me me please,,,

Vivian was standing outside our house that time and I was at her side. He pointed her fingers near the stairs going up in the house we were living in. And shouted! I am not afraid of you! stay away from me you demon! I believe in God, the father almighty creator of heaven and earth , I believe in Jesus Christ, His only son, our Lord, He was conceived by power of the holy spirit , borned with the virgin mary. He suffered under pontiuos pilate, was crucified, died and was burried, He descended into hell, on the 3rd day He will rise again from the dead. He ascende to heaven, sits at the right hand of the father Almighty to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy spirit, the holy catholic church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the ressurection of the body and life verlasting. Amen.   

Then there was like a miracle that happened. The sunlight shined on Vivian while She was kneeling down and praying, as if she was talking to someone at the stairs.

She said she was feeling weak and she wants to rest. So I brought her upstairs. Then she fell asleep. And that was the time I called her parents for help and told them the whole story, luckily they were there in their house that time and they weren't in another country. 

I was expecting her dad to hit me on my face. But he said..."I understand you". It's alright.

What did happen? I remember everything but i think no one believed me. Vivian was asking for me to take her to a priest, but I was so ashamed of the humiliation.

Instead I participated with her parents and her doctor.

There inside the hospital, I thought It was over, but i was shocked with what happened at the hospital .If Vivian was in her self, I know she wouldn't do that because she is so self concious.  She woulnt want to look ugly as that. I know there was a paranormal activity going on. Because it was impossible for her to tilt her neck side by side and front to back. Crawling under the bed and doctors kneeled down to see her under but she showed her tongue. She spitted blood on the doctors' faces and she was too strong, she crawled up and lay down on  her bed and nurses were holding her hand, suddenly people got scared and they came out of the room, she started floating up and down. Up and down. Her parents, brother and sister was there at that time, praying for her, Good thing her sister was a born again christian, she prayed powerful that calmed down Vivian. And her father gave her a blessed rosary, telling her to be strong and pray.

What happened? I researched.  I got too scared to go back to our house. I went home to my parents' house instead. And started seeking answers... myself... through the internet... doctors... priests... including the bible and focused reading the revelation.

The End

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