Interview with Mr. Jefferson

I am Howard Jefferson. I am the husband of Vivian. We met in a concert when I was still part of a band named, "Side strippers". We were introduced to each other by our friend, Johanna. She was our lead female vocalist. Then soon Vivian became our back up singer. She didn't actually had a good voice, but she does know how to sing. And she loves to write, and because I play the bass guitar. She became my girlfriend while we were composing a song.  I loved her so much but as we live together, I noticed something weird going on her.

It was our anniversary that day, I gave her an old music box which belonged to my grandmother. It was an antique gift I gave her, because according to my grandmother, his father gave it to her. And it was just kept inside an old dusty box, I saw at my mother's house.

While she was pregnant, she was too lonely and she always listen to it. It was a music box designed with a young lady wearing a ballet dress. It's music sounds nice and when you listen to it, you can't help but imagine supernatural things. I've tried everything to comfort her and treated her my queen.  was always there for her when she needed me but because we need money, I left my job and applied in a new company. I became a real estate agent. I sell houses to earn money. I became too busy with my job that was why after she gave birth, she was always alone with our son. So I looked for a nanny who could help her taking care of our son and someone who could talk to her while she was alone. Our nanny doesn't stay with us at home. She goes home at night and Vivian was always left alone at home taking care of our son. But I think she was okay with that, because she loves our son so much. 

Until one day, she confronted me and asked if she could go back to work again. But I'm not sure if she can because she haven't finished her highschool. Good thing... I have a friend who was already an admin in a college institute. So it was easy for her to enter and fake her records. Vivian was smart. She was a fast learner. Even if she didn't graduated highschool. I don't know how she was able to pass all her subjects until she graduated.

After she graduated, he took care of our son again and rest for a while. After a couple of months she had a job. I was so happy that she easily got her first job just a few months after she graduated. I trusted her until a friend of mine told me that he saw Vivian with another man checking in a hotel. I asked him which hotel. And my friend told me it was at Embassy Hotel. I went to that hotel and asked the receptionist if Vivian Jefferson checked in with a man there. But the receptionist told me, that they don't give informations about their customers. So instead, I checked in also with our son. And when i logged in to the record, I scanned the pages and searched for her name but I didn't found her name.

I brought a botttle of milk with me for my son but I ran out of water. So I bought in a cafeteria inside the hotel. When i accidentally saw my wife's ex boyfriend there. For Vivian showed me a an old picture of them before. I intentionally dropped the bottle of water at him to have a conversation with him. I told him sorry, but It was just an accident because I was in a rush because I left my son inside one of the rooms there and just turned on the televison so that he won't get bored. And told him I work in a real estate company, if he likes, Ill just pay for making his clothes wet. And asked him if he has a job, because if not, I'll help him enter in the company where I was working. But he said.. No need! I'm the boss in our company, J&R marketing and I am with my secretary, and she;s waiting for me inside our room. Then I remebered that company was exactly the name of the company where my wife works and she is the secretary of their boss.

i was so mad. But I have good manners, i didn't make a scene there. Instead me and my son went home and waited for Vivian to come home.


The End

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