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Blasphemy, in religion, words or actions that display irreverence toward or contempt for God or that which is held sacred. Blasphemy is regarded as an offense against the community to varying degrees, depending on the extent of the identification of a religion with the society at large or the government. Sedition , in law, acts or words tending to upset the authority of a government. The scope of the offense was broad in early common law, which even permitted prosecution for a remark insulting to the king. An attack on the sovereign, is thus analogous; both it and blasphemy can be seen as subversive of order and authority. Heresy, in religion, especially in Christianity, beliefs or views held by a member of a church that contradict its orthodoxy, or core doctrines. It is distinguished from apostasy, which is a complete abandonment of faith. Guilty of the crime.


Interview with Natalie:


My name is Natalie. I am an honor student in our class in highschool and Vivian was my friend. We work together in our shool paper. I am the editor in chief in our school and Eve was the assistant editor. We and our co- writers  at school are in charged in our school newspaper. And Vivian wasn't just part of our team but she was mainly the creative one who inpires us to write about anything. She has huge imaginations and fantasies. She was good at fictions and investigatory projects.

Vivian was really a very challenging young lady when she was 14. Even in her childhood years she loves to watch horror and action films. Even if we were just highschool students. We were inspired of making projects for our school. Vivian was a unique young lady. She wasn't like what you expected.

She never like gothic arts and she was never too emotional. But when she writes, You will be amazed by her stories.

In real life, she loves to wear colorful clothes, because according to her, Wearing clothes with lots of color will make her look cheerful and bright. Just like her attitude. She was always live and bubbly.  She has lots of friends and I've never seen her sad. She was such a positive thinker. We always get good advices from her. And how we, her circle of friends always love being with her.

One time she told me a story from her childhood.

She narrated...

You know what when I was 9, I use to wonder about many things. I was so curious about the world and How I love science. I have so many questions in my mind... Is God and Satan real?   Is everything on earth,  just purely the evolution of science and technology? Is God truly is the Creator? Are guardian angels real? Are there really demons? When we are thinking and doing something... Is our conscience, our guardian angels? And we feel being tempted... is it the work of the devil? I want to know what is real and what is not. Is heaven and hell real? When i die? Where will I go? Is there really a purgatory where I can repent for my sins? And how about ghosts? why are their spirits remain on earth? Do you think there really is a paranormal activity? I will find out myself and seek answers to my questions even if it cost me death after knowing the truth? as told by Vivian.  ---ended questioning.

Sounds creepy to me! I told her. See! that's what you get watching too many horror films and sci-fis! Do not challenge the devil! We do not know if someone is listening to us now? Or maybe someone might be watching us now and we can't see him... because it's a spirit of a dead person.... Grrrrrrr.... creepy.  Hmmm.... you know what? There is a new horror film showing called the blairwitch project. Awoooooh!!!! Hahahahaha... come on! let's watch it altogether with the school paper team.

Sure! let's go! Vivian replied with eagerness.

Then there it was we watched the film. It was truly a scary film. But I bet those investigatory film makers were just hungry and tired because they got lost during their camp that is why their imaginations went too horrific. The creepy sounds they heard? Maybe those was just wild animals and insects and who knows? They were just fooling each other making horror like sounds. Maybe they had no more food to eat that time, so they accidentally ate wild forest berries and got poisoned that made them hallucinate? Who knows? Right? It's only a movie. Hmmm... Why don't we try it? Hmmm.... Let's have adventure. Let's meet later at 11 pm and let us go to the nearest woods here in Glen Mill.

And we all said, I'm in.

We were 9 on our team who went in Glen Mill. It was 11 in the evening. When we went to our meeting place in a gasoline station in Glenn Mill. We bought some foods at the store first. And we also bought our own flashlights because for sure Its dark in Glen Mill woods.

We were not so serious about what we were doing. We were just camping for fun at 11 in the dark. We were laughing all along our way before We saw a creepy old tree.

Hmmm... awooooh! We were playing silly stuffs that time. Till Vivian told us to circle around the tree . Our feeling were mixed scared and funny. We don't really want to bother some spirits there in the woods, if there was. We all opened our flashlights and put them down beside the tree with the lights on facing it.  We hold our hands together and pretend as if we were talking to a certain spirit bluffing and fooling around. Until Vivian murmured something. It was way becoming too creepy already because, we were bluffing, but Vivian? It was as if she was serious. I don't know what came into her mind when she started praying the Bloody Mary's while closing her eyes and praying Christian prayers in reverse without Amens. Oh! my dear Lord! What have she done? But we were still laughing even if she wasn't anymore and started having goose bumps!!!

I was thinking what if Somebody in our group got possessed? What are we going to do? So I said, "Stop it! Vivian! You are inviting the demons right now!  May God have mercy in us right now! Let's all go home".

After that... we went home...And Vivian? After that? She became silent and she rarely speaks. But she just kept on writing on her note book. I don't know if she was just acting. Or if some sort of spirit came inside of her. Naaah!!! I think that was just my imagination. She looks okay... she have lot's of boyfriends. She's not an emo! Maybe she have a problem or something that she just doesn't want to talk about. I don't know! But one thing for sure I know is true! she changed. And I will find out why. "Why did she became so silent? What was her problem?"

I asked Vivian why are you so quiet? What seems to be your problem? But she didn't answered back. She just stayed quiet. Our high school graduation went near. We got busy with our own lives. And we rarely see each other. I was wondering what could have happened to her? Why don't I see her in our campus anymore? I asked our teacher why... and found out she already left our school without graduating because she was pregnant. After knowing that, I never got the chance to see her again. And that was the end of our friendship.

I don't know what happened to her after that. I heard no more news about her.  What I know is that her parents took her away from our town and they moved in to another. And I don't know where.









The End

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