Right from the start we promised ourselves that we were just friends with benefits but we fell in love with each other. And everything was kept a secret until….

Our house was almost empty, we rarely go home and no one was there to live inside our house for quite a while. I decided to go home and face my husband and child and pretend  innocent

I didn't know that there were times that my son was being left home alone our house because his nanny felt goose bumps there. That irresponsible caregiver we hardly knew. How could she possibly leave my son alone. But I have no one to blame, because I was also irresponsible. So I tried to make it up with my son even if my husband  weren't always there to help me. I've noticed that something was wrong, I can't explain it but I feel it at the ambiance of our home, it was different, the air was cold and foggy and the entire compound was too silent as if the town went dead, My son was playing with his imaginary friend, I thought was okay. Then there my husband came. I was listening to music... Until...

I was "Murdered Almost"...

“How dare you cheat on me for a year!” my husband told me.

“I don’t know what you are talking about! Where did you get that idea? I answered. Then he showed me a printed conversation of me with my secret affair on facebook. I swear I always delete conversations there. But surprisingly, I don’t know how the heck he did that!

I asked him where he got it. He said, “Don’t you remember, I was once a computer programmer before I became part of the band we were in. I can hack accounts. And print conversations there as evidence of how slutty you are! “

I was shocked. I couldn’t explain myself anymore. He hit me on my face. He kicked my back. He pushed me and i fell down the stairs. I felt nothing even blood were pouring slowly all over my face. I thought my brain had cracked. But good thing my I’m hard headed.

I was  "numb" that time. I do not feel any pain. All I know is that my head was bleeding and I need to go the hospital. But I didn’t. A weird shadow passed by... I didn't knew whom that was. But I guess my eyes went blurry after blood strained my cornea.

At that horrifying moment when were on a fight pulling and pushing each other, I thought I was fighting with a devil. As my husband's face went too mad and scary as if he was a demon almost killing me. He was too strong but i really tried to fight back but i guess i was weak. After that, I did my best to heal my wounds by myself even if it bleeds too much. Suddenly, it became painful after I splashed some isoprophyl alcohol to disinfect it and tried not to feel anything. But as i open my eyes, the world was spinning and I'm losing sight, the curtains were being blown by the wind, the night was too dark and our house lights were dim and yellow. I slept instead with blood dropping down my head. Dreamed about my son, hearing creepy voices trying to take him. A shadow was playing with him. He was running and I was running after him, I heard a gunshot, I thought my husband shot me.  But I know I was inside my dream,Then there was my son upstairs, in his room, alone, holding his teddy bear. He was calling me, his voice sounded strange. Saying... Mommy... Then I saw him holding a knife, pointing at his father, He killed his dad, and blood ran down his back, while he was sleeping. There were creepy shadows of veins climbing our walls. And I heard voices uttering words I do not understand.

Then I woke up, there was blood all over my pillow and my son was crying as if I was dying. But I can’t stop him from crying. I just acted deaf instead. I went outside the room and my husband was down stairs. I was trying to put on some new clothes. Suddenly, I heard some voices going on in my ears. Unusual voices of many people. And it was weird because no one was there but us 3. I can’t understand the voices talking. It was as if they were angels and devils whispering in my ears. I knew I was in a state of losing my mind. I saw the devils on the walls. Trying to take me, saying come with me, I will make you my queen in my kingdom. That was creepy. I saw Satan on the wall. I know what I saw, and it was real. I opened my eyes more, and saw moving creatures on the wall. It was opening for me, making me see the world on the other side. I was amazed, Satan viewed me hell like paradise for the wicked sinners, I saw myself on the wall, I had growing thorns at each sides of my head and placed a golden crown as blood ran down my face. I said no! this isnt real, i tried praying, then satan's image on the wall smiled. He showed myself naked on the wall, and he was kissing my neck. He placed a veil on me, magically cleaned my entire body till all the blood were gone,  and images on the walls continued appearing, like mystical visions, it was like a live painting on the walls, showing me scenes, making love with satan, till my secret affair's face covered lucifer's. He seduced me, but i saw his eyes were red and smiled at me like the smile of lucifer. I turned back then faced the wall again, but it was still there, i closed my eyes and prayed. I was not afraid of what i saw, i just knew i need to control my mind, and pray until, the evil scenes on the wall started fading and slowly, angels appeared on the wall, there st. michael crushed satan, and Jesus was on the right side, I saw his heart pumping with light, turned into devil again, then turned to Jesus again. Till I saw myself again,  stars were circling my head with thorns, and my crown was sparkling with gold. I closed my eyes, prayed and prayed, then i said to myself, "it's all in the mind"... this is not real. But the walls were still the same, it was like an HD TV. And I cant help but glance. 

I went to the other room, our guest room next to my son's, for we didn't slept together anymore after all our fights.  I checked how my husband was, and I saw him sitting as if he wasn't himself. He was weird. Swaying his body, forward and backwards, and he shouted, Help me... go away... leave me alone,,, his voice sounded different. So I left him. I tried searching a religious figure or a cross, because I felt like he was being demon possessed. I tried helping him, praying, but my faith was weak. I dared the demon to use me instead. But my husband kept walking and walking without getting tired. He was too strong. I cried. As I saw him that way. I knew it was my fault inviting the demons in our life. And my son was in the other room, sleeping, I tied a rosary in his hands and asked God for his guardian angel. Our doors went shut. I knocked and knocked and knocked...

In my mind... all of my sins, I recalled. I was a sinner. And I never prayed to God. But that time I prayed. But I don’t know how to pray. I heard the devils laughing at me. I knew I was just hallucinating but it felt real. My husband was downstairs and he was talking to our neighbor, maybe he was explaining about our quarrel and saying sorry for the disturbance. I didn’t told him what I was hearing and what I was seeing in own eyes. I do not know what was happening to me until I began hitting my own face and fore head. Slap, slap, slap. I have hurt myself adding bruises to myself with my bleeding face. I didn’t did that intentionally. It just happened uncontrollably.  Then I fainted.

I woke up in a room with white walls and the room was bright and I was alone.

Where am I? Am I already dead? Then a doctor came by and told me, “You are in a hospital inside a psychiatric ward.”

 I can’t move. My entire body hurts. Then I fell asleep again. I didn’t know how many hours or days I slept. But while I was sleeping, I was dreaming of a battle between the angels and the demons. Satan appeared in my dream, taking me, but I kept praying. I prayed to God. I asked for forgiveness. I asked to live and stay alive because I can’t leave my son alone.

Like life near death... But it wasn't my time yet, for If I died, for sure, my next destination will be straight to hell

I prayed for another SECOND CHANCE directly to God


The End

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