Young Once AgainMature


I got obsessed with losing weight and putting on make ups. I felt young again. Selfy

I was Narcissistic... a medical term that originated with Narcicus in greek mythology who fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water. Currently it is used to describe a person characterized by egotism, vanity ,pride and selfishness.

 My husband never allowed me to go out of our house without my bringing my son because we have no place where we could leave him and we have no one to look after him but me. So I was like a kangaroo carrying a child anywhere I go and It was fine with me.Until my husband finally noticed I need him to help me. He appreciated me again and I was so happy. I was already contented with our simple life even if we lack money. And I don't want any help from my parents because i blame them for the disaster of my life because right from the star of my toddler years upto adulthood, they were too busy with their jobs in another country, selfish insensitive and greedy. And my other siblings, they all have their own lives, settled down with dozens of kids and we rarely see or talk to each other. All my attention and time is for my family. And I was happy back then when my husband learned to trust me again.

I was 24 when I had a new job again in a smaller company. And my job there is to talk and negotiate with our investors to accept our company proposals. For my boss said, I’m good with marketing strategy and I am great when it comes to public relations. I was happy that I was starting to earn my own money again. And after my working hours, I take care of my son at home. During my free times, I just chat with my friends online.

On the internet, especially in social networks, as what we all know, there are lots of temptations there. And when the cats are gone, the mice will play.

I had fun on the internet chatting with other men and yes! I am guilty for flirting online. And you know what? I found in other men what I never had with my husband, called communication. I met a lot of different men online and I chat with them secretly. Sometimes they tease me.  Knowing that I’m not a killjoy, I teased them too. Just for fun.  But sometimes fun goes too far that I would meet up with them and do some stuffs with them like what I do when I was a teen ager. I cheated secretly with my husband.

I met him just online. And we chat every day after my office hours. We already met and I fell in love with him. I sneak out at night to escape my husband's presence. We made love at a secret place only he and I knows, we call our "romance lounge". It was a house nearby an ocean, you can hear the sounds of the waves of the water, you can gaze the bright stars up in the vivid sky, our room was filled with scented candles with lavender aroma and the sheets of the bed were red. I can't resist the warmth of his muscle toned body each time he caresses me. I love the way he undresses me, kissing me all the way down. And before we close our eyes, we wrapped ourselves in each other's arms and stare at each other till we fall asleep.

Usually when I am online at home, I have so many other friends who were guys that I chat with but he was different. He snatched my heart from my husband. We had plans about our life together. And he said he will acknowledge my son and treat him as his. He also gave me money to file an annulment to my husband so that we can get married. I just kept on saying yes! I will to him. But I wasn’t too serious with him. We were careful with our hidden agendas until... that I almost poisoned my husband like the Music video of Lady Gaga... Telephone!

The powerful works of the Infuential people encouraging viewers to sin more 


The End

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