Jared's Quest: The BeginningMature

When the birds began cheeping outside the cave, Jared raised his head, and opened his eyes. As he predicted, his bones still ached from where they were broken the previous night, but he knew instinctively that they were no longer broken. The sharp spasms of pain had been replaced with a dull ache, which disappeared when the icy water of the waterfall washed over him. A rabbit darted past in the undergrowth, but Jared had reached it before it had even taken its next breath. Sinking the sharp teeth into its throat was deeply satisfying, and now both nourished and hydrated Jared began to gather the items that he needed for him journey. A small pack tied up in cloth contained his ‘human’ clothes. A pair of tattered jeans salvaged from a jumble sale and a white t-shirt off a washing line as well as a pair of too small converse would be fine until he had an opportunity to get some new clothes. There was a small penknife which he had also found whilst on one of his runs as well as underwear-which was also stolen-and a passport from when he had been human. It was old now, but in his human form he still looked like the photo. There was a yelp from outside the cave as one of the female wolves who had also lost the battle of strength between the female wolves made her presence known. As part of the charade of pretending to be human it was agreed that the weakest of the females would act as a mother, or guardian, for the male wolf who was trying to accomplish the mission. If he succeeded then in another village, the male would act as a guardian, whilst the female wolf tried to accomplish the same feat. Jared rushed outside to see who would be his companion for the next year or so. He had no idea how long it would take to at least attempt this mission. Aira was beautiful, her coat ever so shiny and thick, in a russet similar to the shade of Jared’s coat. She was very proud and haughty; seeming to think that she was above the other wolves. Apparently, she was the weakest of them though. Jared was pleased that his sister was also dismissed from the pack because that meant that he could already talk comfortably to her. Another perk of his sister accompanying him on his quest was that as they were related they could read each others mind. Most of the time this was actually irritating, but it was a good thing in the respect that neither of them could lie to one another; it forced them to be truthful with one another. It also meant that uncomfortable conversations need not be spoken aloud, they could remain in the confinement of two peoples heads. It was also helpful when discussing matters of wolf nature in front of the human species. I need privacy. Aira was referring to the fact that they needed to transform into human form, and that involved changing into clothes. I’m not looking. It was almost is Jared was smirking within his head. Aira threw him a look of disgust, and she marched off into the cave. Seconds later she emerged. Jared shook his head, this time speaking aloud “You look to young to have a sixteen year old son.” For the second time, Aira re emerged from the cave, this time with the body of a forty-something year old, and laughter lines. Her brown hair was shining in the sunshine and she smiled. “It’s perfect!” Jared sounded pleased, and he bounded off into the cave to transform. Not that he was bothered about privacy, he merely was showing respect to his sister. As it was his duty to capture the trust, or heart of a human girl he figured if he made himself attractive then he would have more appeal. But the question was, what sort of person was he hoping to attract? He didn’t just want a blonde bimbo sort of girl, he wanted someone educated, someone who would adapt well to life as a werewolf. He decided to ask Aira’s opinion and between them the decided that he should have dark brown hair, a well built figure, without looking like a jock. He decided to go for the mysterious look, yet he resolved to himself that he would not let his appearance match his personality. When he finally emerged from the cave wearing combats but no top, as he was already hot in the trousers, Aira was looking impatient. The journey would not take long, as the town was only a few miles away. The elders had catered for all the things that they needed if they were to successfully pose as humans. Aira had a wallet full of licences, birth certificates, school transition papers and also a handful of awards. They had been told that a car would be waiting for them just a mile outside the clearing. The car was nothing like what Jared had expected; he had been expecting a rusty old banger, and yet a gleaming Porsche stood begging to be driven. He looked pleadingly at Aira, and she tossed him the keys. The drive took a matter of minutes, but Aira insisted that she switched places with him and drove the last part of the journey. We don’t want to arouse suspicion. Who lets their sixteen year old son drive their car? Particularly somewhere where he has never been before? Jared could see where she was coming from. The town was relatively sized, yet there seemed to be hardly anyone around. It was a pretty wet day, the rain way coming down in bucketfuls. The house wasn’t too bad, the kitchen was slightly outdated, but neither Aira nor Jared were bothered as they wouldn’t be using the kitchen for cooking. In fact the house was mainly a prop. When they weren’t playing their games of charades with the humans then they were probably outdoors enjoying the fresh air. Jared’s job began the following day, he had been enrolled at one of the most successful schools in the town. Before settling down for a good nights sleep both Jared and Aira paid a visit to the supermarket, where they stocked up on steaks, and also some human food, to appear normal. The checkout girl gave them both a few funny looks but aside from that nobody picked up on their canine side.


The End

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