JanePrime: An MMO love story

We met on DarkEclipse.com, a massively multiplayer online environment, otherwise known as an MMO; you know, one of those videogames that a million people around the planet all play at once, in this case set in a dystopian future where interstellar travel is possible and various alien races actually exist. The first reason I remembered her, in fact, was because her Eclipse name was the same as her meatspace name, an unusual choice in MMO environments -- it was Jane to be specific, expressed as "Jane0" in Eclipse and "JanePrime" out in the real world. She was a Nomad class, lived on the Moon, traveled and adventured with a loose federation of always-changing scum and villainy, as opposed to me who was a registered Martian and had joined up with a good-guy paramilitary alliance, one started by the office co-workers of mine who had gotten me hooked on Eclipse in the first place. After a few months of playing and leveling, turned out that both Jane and my group ('The Red Riders' -- yeah, yeah) had come across a common enemy, the fascistic insect race Vorgia, which is how it was that the game engine had all lumped us together for our next adventure.

I think I had already fallen in love with her even before learning that we lived in the same physical city. Or wait, that's not right. That I had already become fascinated with her; that's more like it. Jane0 was brash, forward, but clever and coy too; her avatar in the MMO environment had genetically altered blue skin, as was the trendy thing in this particular game, coupled with punk-style little star tattoos all the way up and down the left side of her body. It of course made me intensely curious about what she might be like out in meatspace, especially after her confessing after a night of bug-hunting that she indeed lived in the same big city out in "real life" that I did.

I suggested that maybe we meet up away from our computers. She agreed. She made three suggestions, and plainly admitted that she was going to assume things about me based on which I chose: whether to meet up at a goth dance club, an internet cafe known as a popular meet-up for hackers, or the local museum for contemporary art. I thought about it for awhile.

The End

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