Jane's tears are too muchMature

p style="text-align: center;"Once I tried to get up I stumbled in pain from my chest, causing me to cough out a bit of blood. /p
p style="text-align: center;""Stop! Your not- -" Said the Mother before I cut her off with the words, "Shut up" in a bit of a yell. /p
p style="text-align: center;"I got up with all my might from the bed having a great pain overwhelm my chest. I stood up in a slouching manner and started to tremble once again from my lack of energy and strength. The blonde haired daughter caught me before I fell to the ground. I was too weak and in pain to move like I wanted to. All I wanted to do was hug Jane for the bad that happened in her life. To secretly be an emo is too much to swallow, even for me to handle, and it's bad for her to hold her feelings to herself. Jane stood in silence for a bit and began to look down. I didn't know if she was crying under the mask she has on, but I was assuming she was. I hated to see her that way, and I would do anything to approach her. I told them all to leave. /p
p style="text-align: center;""Could you all just...Let Jane and I... be alone?" I said to the daughter gently holding me. I appreciated her patience. Her will to hold me steady. /p
p style="text-align: center;"Silence went by. /p
p style="text-align: center;""C'mon kids. Put him back on the bed and let them be alone for a while." Said the worried mother. /p
p style="text-align: center;"The girl gently placed me back on the bed, then they all walked out of the room closing the door behind them. I then called out the name of Jane and she risen before me. /p
p style="text-align: center;""J-Jane." I said in a studder. /p
p style="text-align: center;"She walked to me slowly telling me that she was so sorry. /p
p style="text-align: center;""Jane...It's ok...Come closer." I said to her in a calm whisper. /p
p style="text-align: center;"She leaned close to me and I told her, "Jack has told me about your mask...May I?" /p
p style="text-align: center;""...I don't know." Said Jane the killer./p
p style="text-align: center;"Or is she just troubled in a mental way causing her to kill, so she can be calm to herself. /p
p style="text-align: center;""I won't judge you." I said to her. /p
p style="text-align: center;"I began to lift her mask to where it shows her mouth. /p
p style="text-align: center;""Its ok." I said to her. /p
p style="text-align: center;"Jane stood in silence. /p
p style="text-align: center;"She was scared. Afraid to be humiliated by her own thoughts. I took her mask and lifted it up further to see her nose, but the eyes was the most important. A blush of humiliation ran across her face as she backed away from me. I decided to not go after her and let her put her mask back on. /p
p style="text-align: center;""I'm sorry!" Said Jane the killer. /p
p style="text-align: center;""Jane, it's ok. I understand if your not ready." I told her. "Please...Get me out of here." /p
p style="text-align: center;"She lift me up and then we vanished into thin air. We appeared in the room of my house and she layed me on the bed. /p
p style="text-align: center;""Im..." Studdered Jane. /p
p style="text-align: center;""Jane, its ok. Just tell me whats wrong." I then smiled at her. "I forgive you. Sometimes you just want to stab someone out of anger. Do you hate your life?" /p
p style="text-align: center;"She stood in silence. /p
p style="text-align: center;"I began to speak to her once more, "I understand that your emotions has made you quite emo. To hate your life for what Jeff has done to you. I might not recover so quick, but when I do, I will help you. Help you become the person you once were. I know you still have it in you. Just because you look different and act differently from anger doesn't mean that you are completely different. You are still Jane. Just a killer with mental issues that even I don't understand." /p
p style="text-align: center;"Jane then took her mask completely off. Her hair was covering the side view of her eyes. She looked at me with silent tears rushing down her face. /p
p style="text-align: center;""Please...smile." I said to her in a worry tone of voice. /p
p style="text-align: center;""...So far." She spoke to herself. /p
p style="text-align: center;""Huh? I didn't quite get you." I told her. /p
p style="text-align: center;""Why would you go so far for me?" She questioned me. /p
p style="text-align: center;".../p
p style="text-align: center;"I got up struggling once again in pain and slowly walked to her to give her a hug. Once I answered, "Because your better." she began crying as she hugged me back. She felt really ugly about herself. Thats why she doesn't call herself "beautiful" anymore, ever since Jeff did her the same that happened to him. Thats why she cries on my shoulder. She has no words. Her tears spoke for her, im afraid. Her crying was happening continuously which was filling up the chapter. I needed to turn her back to Jane. But how? br /The crying went on for a few moments and all I could do was hold her. Her tears soaked my shirt and that made me want to cry as well, but I promised myself not to do so. It would only make the situation worse. If only the pain in my chest was gone, then I would search and bring her back to her human state./p
p style="text-align: center;""Jane stop. Right now." I politely commanded her. I was beginning to become annoyed by her crying. /p
p style="text-align: center;"She began to stop which made me grow shocked that she obeyed me. Tears was still rushing down her eyes but her sobbing has stopped. I stroked her back with both of my hands and also stroked her hair which caused her tears to stop and for her to look at me. She liked it when I rubbed her, and then I knew she was a girl who liked affection. /p
p style="text-align: center;""Its ok. Youve been crying for too long. Stop your tears, its alright. Let us live another day. The moment has passed, let it stay away." I said to her as I wiped her tears. /p
p style="text-align: center;"I noticed that she was blushing in a way. She wanted to kiss me, knowing that im the only one who doesn't find her face scary. She liked the way I thought of her and I didn't mind her liking me. I was quite happy, knowing that it's amazingly rare for Jane to feel such emotions towards a male... But Jessica. What about Jessica?... br /She placed her hand on my face and leaned in close to me. Her soft wonderful body pressed against mine. It felt so nice to feel her body on mine. She reached in to kiss me and I was afraid. Not afraid of the fact that Jane the killer is about to kiss me, but for the loyalty of Jessica. That i'm about to kiss another girl. How she would feel. But my humanly will wants Jane, but I don't know if its for her body or for who she is? It could possibly be both. Oh my arousion, I can't stand it. I must kiss her deeply. For her soft wet tongue to be in my mouth. Oh how good it would feel. But Jessica, I can't. WHAT CAN i DO!? I CAN'T BACK AWAY! MY BODY ISNT RESPONDING TO MY MIND! /p
p style="text-align: center;"strongMY GOD! SHOULD I KISS HER/strong/p
p style="text-align: center;"strongOR SHOULD I NOT!?/strong/p
p style="text-align: center;"If you think I should kiss her and keep it a secret to only the both of us, search for the story, "The Kiss of Jane" /p
p style="text-align: center;"If you think I should respect Jessica and stop the kiss, search for the story, "Jane's Love" /p
p style="text-align: center;"strongI'm not good with titles so fuck it. /strong/p
p style="text-align: center;"strongI also JUST wrote this so if you do search it up and it says no results then I didn't publish it yet. It might take a while for me to publish it because I dont have a computer. I use the school's computer and go to to eliminate filters and go to any website I want to. Or . Thats how im on here. /strong/p

The End

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