Chapter 1Mature

Jack has told me to check up on her. So i did. When I was thinking about Jane it has caused me to walk and walk and walk, and before I knew it, I was in the desert at night. Once I looked down once more, I seen a black liquid on the ground, causing me to trail it down

It begins with me walking in the desert at night.

"I can't find her in the forest." I began to speak. I let out a brief sigh before I began to speak once more as I was walking around the street of the desert.

"Her body is slender like the rest of the girls, and she doesn't really look that bad at all. But her face... Sadly, the face is the most important."

I began to grow in silence before I spoke once more.

"Poor Jane. If only I could understand her pain.

Once I looked back up I was shocked to see a trail of some black liquid on the ground, causing me to trail it out of curiosity.

"Where would this come from in the middle of the desert?" I questioned to myself. "And what exactly is this? Is there something roaming in the desert? Or is it just gasoline on the ground? Fuel left from a car."

I was curious and yet confused at the same time to see such a thing in the middle of the street. Especially when I couldn't see any car for miles to come. I bended down to the black liquid and wiped it up using my index finger, I then rubbed the blackness with my thumb to feel its texture. It didn't seem so thin to be gasoline, and that made me very curious.

"This is too thick to be gas. Too thick to be water too. Where could this be coming from?"

Once I stood up I looked ahead of me and stopped walking noticing Jane in a distance.

"Jane? What is she doing here?" I questioned to myself.

As I walked closer to her she became more visible and clear to my eyes. At that moment as I was seeing her more clearly I began to become scared... And I had the right to be. The black liquid was actually her blood that was still dripping from the wounds where she cut herself long, deep, and wide. I somehow wasn't surprised about it, but I WAS awfully scared to see her that way. I sprinted to poor Jane and bended down to her not knowing what I should do.

"Jane! Why!?" I shouted to her.

"Leave me alone" She said in a slight scream.

I was lost. Blind. What could I do at that moment? I called out her name in a whisper, "Jane"

"Leave me alone!" She hallored at me.

She took out her knife she carries and stabbed me in the center of my chest causing me to fall out, but surprisingly I still lived, only to see her sobbing on her knees. I got up with all the resist I could give myself, which was not that much resist, and yanked the knife out of my chest causing my resistance to reduce. I dropped the knife only to hug her against my bloody chest as I tried my hardest not to rest all of my weight upon her. She sobbed more and more on me as her face was getting more the bloodier by the second. I refused to faint... but it seemed that my body wouldn't react to what my mind told it. There was no telling when my demise would meet with me. As I hugged her head as she was on her knees I gave her a slight smooch on the head, telling her that I wasn't mad at her or felt any other way towards her. That I felt sorry for her. That she has to live like this. Having no choice but to hold in her grudges. Her anger. She understood what the kiss on her head meant which was very shocking to me. She also knew that my rest was coming the moment I was beginning to rest my weight upon her. I knew that she knew about the kiss and the near death experience the moment she gripped onto me tighter and tighter. It was like she didn't want me to go. But then, I dreamed, and dreamed, and dreamed.

Once I woke up she standed before me. How could I have still been alive when she gave me the stab in the chest? Why am I not dead? Could that be the work from God? Did he know what she went through? Was I the one to help her? To change her to the way she wanted to be? How did I get into that house? Who were those people standing before me as I layed on the bed?

A male adult but still young appearing to have Jesus on his necklace. It was also the red haired mother. A beautiful one I won't lie. Her children was the same way. A girl that looked 3 years older than me with long silky hair reaching her mid back and violet eyes just like her mother. The boy that had blonde hair and blue eyes from his father. Common to the beautiful white people. And the girl that looked my age with blonde hair and violet eyes with the fusion of her mother and father.

"Wh...Where am I?" I questioned in a quiet tone as I was still waking up. Still in a bit of pain.

"Thank goodness he's ok!" Shouted the mother.

I layed in silence.

"Do you remember anything?" Said the worried daughter having the blonde hair.

I was too worried about Jane and completely forgot about what the daughter asked me even though she just asked me.

"J...Ja-" I said beginning to call out her name before she spoke before my sentence was completely spoken.

"I am so sorry!" Said the worried Jane that was even more worried than the family.

"It's...ok." I said to her in a slight smile.

"Why did you stab him?" Said the curious red haired Daughter.

I spoke for Jane, "Please...That's none of your concern i'm afraid. It's something only between us."

"I realized." Said the father as he crossed his arms. "Well we're glad that your alright."

"Thank you. I love you all." I said in a weak smile.

"What happened to her?" asked the blonde haired son. "She said you knew."

I began to speak, "Its...A condition... She is mentally unstable."

Jane then gave me one of these faces (-_-) because out of all the things I could'vr said I had to come up with that.

I began to continue, "The reason why she looks so scary... Is because she had an accident. With bleach and a lighter. The bleach made her look pale. The fire from the lighter spreaded on her body since it was in touch wit the bleach. It burned her. That's why she wears a thing that protects her face. A skin mask persay."

The blonde and red haired daughters both had a slight "Awwww" come out of their mouths out of worry. Because they felt sorry for her.

"That's too much to swallow." Said the son.

"She was hugging you to death." Said the mother.

"We had to take her off of you." said the father.

"She was squeezing the blood out of you." Said the red haired daughter.

After those sentences I witnessed I looked at Jane as she was looking down. What she doesn't know is that I didn't care about her stabbing me.

It has only made me care for her more.


The End

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