A story about nothing really in particular at this point. Hopefully a plot develops soon....lol

 Shriveled up peaches. There they were, sitting on top of the cool glass countertop staring menacingly back at you in the warm light. They had been left there for quite some time, and an odd sickly sweet odor was leaking out of them, filling the air with a fruity toxicity. Cora glanced back at them. Picking one up, she held one in her hand gently, as if carrying a bird’s egg and the tiny organism beating inside.

“I quite like peaches. They’re a wonderful fruit, really.” She placed it back onto the table and gave a quick smile in the boy’s direction. “I think they’re my favorite.” The room was slightly cold and she pulled her shawl closer, examining the rest of the room and stepping forward. There was a strong musty smell and bits of dust clung onto the walls. No one had been there for a very long time. Old family photographs were hung in frames on the side of the walls and she touched them for a moment, a sense of nostalgia gripping her.

“Have you ever, you know….” Her fingertips lingered on the sides of the wooden frame, and she turned towards the boy again, “felt like there’s something that you’ve been missing this whole time?”

“What do you mean?” He gave her an inquisitive look and stepped closer, grabbing onto her hand. “I feel strange in this room, we should go.”

But she pulled away. Her eyes were glazed and she tripped on the edge of the curtain, falling to the ground. A small crack. Shaking, she looked up at her fingers and noticed that they were broken, and that the boy had already gone, leaving her alone in the abandoned house. Darkness fell.

She woke up confused and disoriented. The happenings of yesterday seemed like an eternity and nothing seemed to come together or make sense. The fingers that had once been broken had supposedly healed on their own, and Cora flexed them back and forth, content by this.


The End

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