James McFarley, very private reporting investigator.

Total freedom is what I say, anything between the old Victorian era to the present day Harry Potter universe, it is up to you to go wild, and of course, whether you wish to follow the Addventure style of "he went through the door" or "he went past the door" or "he looked through the keyhole of the door", or you can go the linear way if you like, or an artistic mixture of both depending on the importance of the situation.

The only thing is, let's keep this a somewhat lighthearted. ( :


James McFarley, whether this is his true name or not, I do not know, but it has come to my attention that this young gentleman is a private investigator of incredible talent. Yes, talent he has, however I think it highly debatable whether he knows how to use it correctly. In any case, and "case" is the word to use, he has been able to solve mysteries and crack cases with bravado and unsuspecting wit, often through the use of fictitious names and disguises. He is, it must be said, a wonderful comedian. Yet it seems that he is sometimes wittiful only by accident, for I have heard he also has a tendency toward humorous dimwittedness, and often successful only through an incredible amount of good luck. Whatever the reason for his successes may be, he has had surprisingly few clients, instead he will often work on his own account, which suggests a very high moral code. And as for income, he writes about his investigative work in a local paper named The Little Shire, and naturally signing with a pen name, which I believe to be Filmore Grinneski.

Well, you may be asking yourself why I am babbling about this young fellow. Well, we here at the agency would like to include him in our team, however, we haven't a clue where he is, nor what he is up to... So, it is with great humility that we ask the population of Little Winnington Shire to participate in our search for him and submit their detailed first hand accounts of what they know about his recent activities. And we won't mind a little artistic freedom, it will just make it a more interesting read. We enjoy mystery novels you see, that's the reason we joined the agency in the first place. Whatever your style, first person, second, third, forth... Ahem, anything is better than nothing when it comes to clues is what we say here at the agency.


Yours profoundly,

Brent Filbert

Second in chief of Department Of The Bizarre.

Investigative Agency of Mellewitch.

The End

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