Macy couldn’t stop her shaking as she sobbed and so Raine lifted her up into his arms, getting them into the backseat of Brandon’s car. Finally, Stan stepped out of his Jeep to approach Brandon. Neither of them could say much after seeing Macy broken, so all they could manage was a handshake. 

But even in her defeated state, at least they could all say that the worst was over. The only question was: is more to come? Only time would tell. 

Night after night, Macy stayed with Raine—either her house or his. At first, Brandon wasn’t okay with the current situation. But eventually he realized he didn’t want Macy alone at night, crying. And he couldn’t lie with her while she wept, so Raine was the next best thing. Still, Brandon couldn’t wait for the night when her waterworks would dry up and she would be okay. 

Two days passed before her tears turned into sniffs and the need for constant tissues ended. Raine suffered through with Macy, comforting her the entire time. And when it ended, he couldn’t help but wonder if it was really over. After the nights of her crying herself to sleep, she’d awake to have the tears start all over again. So when the cycle broke, he was really worried. 

“Um Macy?” he whispered as she cleared her throat loudly. “Are you okay?” Even the question sounded strange to him but she nodded slowly, unable to actually answer. He reached toward his nightstand, grabbing for some tissues but all he found was an empty box. Raine turned back toward her, trying not to let his hesitant emotions show clear on his face. “Oops, out of tissues. How about something to eat?” 

She nodded again, trying to escape from the tangle of sheets on his bed. As they headed for the kitchen, Macy excused herself to the bathroom, reassuring Raine again that she was fine. 

Once alone inside, the urge to break down again surfaced but she pushed it away as she finally looked into a mirror after two long nights. She looked wore, tired—like she hadn’t slept. In truth, she really hadn’t. There were a few moments when the crying stopped long even for her to drift into sleep, only for them to start up again, waking her. 

Macy sighed sadly; this had to stop. She didn’t even wanna think about how much Raine was hurting after watching her cry.

She washed her face twice, ran her fingers through her curly mess of hair and attempted to look a little decent, but it seemed impossible. She sighed again and went to find her purse in Raine’s bedroom. After finding her brush and make-up bag, things were looking better. She fixed herself up and then joined Raine in the kitchen where he was searching through his refrigerator. 

As Raine turned around, he couldn’t hide his shocked expression. She looked … or better yet, appeared completely normal. That was one thing he’d never understand about girls. How they could be so broken and so weary just moments ago and then suddenly perfectly okay minutes later.  

Pretty smiles and make-up hide so much these days.

The End

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