Bad Ideas

"I'm sure ya'll both are just dying to know how I spent my time with Macy ..." Dalton said slowly with a massive smile.  

"You wouldn't dare!" Brandon retorted as Raine whispered fiercely, "No." Unlike Brandon, he was struggling to keep his cool. It was difficult, but with Brandon losing it, Raine had to stay calm. 

"Oh I would." Dalton continued with a vicious grin, but Raine didn't give him the chance. Brandon was at the edge of his breaking point. He leaned forward, ready to hit, but Raine stopped him. 

As calmly as he could, Raine took the money from Brandon's pocket, tossed it at Dalton and pushed Brandon toward the door. 

"This isn't over," Dalton called after them, the ultimate cliché line, but Raine was focused on getting Brandon outside before saying anything. 

When he had finally pushed him all the way out, he turned back and snarled, "It's over. I swear to God you won't get off so easily next time you try me. And just ‘cause I know you will, I'm warning you. Stop playing, Dalton. Before you really get hurt." 

With that said, Raine slammed the front door behind him and jogged to the car where Brandon sat fuming in the passenger seat. Raine slipped into the front seat and pulled out his phone. 

He hesitated before calling Stan's number. "Uh hey. Where are you?" 

As he listened to Stan's answer, Raine glanced out of the corner of his eye at Brandon who hadn't moved since getting into the car. He started the engine, hoping to get a response, but Brandon didn't move. 

"Bro?" No answer. Raine tapped Brandon's shoulder. Nothing. "Brandon, Macy is fine, okay? It's all ... fine. We're gonna go meet them now ya know. It's all okay."

"Shut up!" Brandon snarled, "Just shut up." The rest of the car ride was silent until Raine pulled into the Publix parking lot. He drove to the back, stopping next to the driver's side of Stan's Jeep. 

They both were out of the car within seconds but Stan's expression was far from his normal calm one. He looked almost crazed, making the guys feel uneasy. Rolling down his window, "Give her a second." He whispered and they leaned back against Brandon's car impatiently. 

Two minutes, three minutes tops, Macy appeared from the other side of the Jeep. A small smile was placed on her lips, but it seemed like it took a lot of strength to get it there. 

"I'm okay," she said silently, but she didn't sound or look reassuring. "Seriously." She took a step closer and as soon as she was within reach of Raine, loud sobs surfaced. He brought her into his arms, and then she couldn't start crying.

The End

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