Safely Wandering

“Isn’t there some way I can convince you guys to let me go? Before he comes out?” Macy asked Wes and Liam, hoping they’d agree. Most likely, Wes would but not Liam, who instantly shook his head. 

During this whole moment of wasted time, not one noise had come out of Dalton’s room. Macy was beginning to worry. When was he going to come out and attack her? How come it was so quiet back there? She almost wanted one of the guys to check on him, but decided against saying anything. 

As they sat in silence for a few more minutes, Liam sighed loudly. “Go check on him,” he told Wes. 

“You do it,” he replied quickly, but Liam just raised his eyebrows and Wes walked slowly toward the door. Just as he moved, Macy reached back and elbowed Liam in the face. It caught him by surprise, but only for a second. And in the second, Macy was up off the couch heading for the door. She ran in a way where her feet weren’t kicking back, easily grab-able by Liam. Instead she leaned forward, making it out the door to freedom. 

Liam was right behind her though, even as Macy tried to shut the front door on him. But she was sprinting, out of reach, for the Jeep where Stan was already starting it up. He reached across the center console and pushed the passenger door open so she could jump inside quickly. 

As Stan backed out of the driveway, his eyes stayed fixed on Liam. Within seconds, the Jeep was whipped around and they sped off as Liam watched them go silently. 

“Just relax,” Stan whispered while keeping his eyes focused on the road. For a slight second they made eye contact as he reassured her, “You’re safe now.” Macy gave him a half smile, leaned her head against the window and closed her eyes in exhaustion. 

She wasn’t sure where Stan planned on driving, but she didn’t care. She was so tired, so worn from everything that had happened. Resting her head against the cool window was calming her down, but not enough to keep her mind from wandering. 

Her thoughts led her to Raine and Brandon. Where were they? Why hadn’t they called yet? Was everything okay? After riding quietly for several minutes, Macy sighed loudly and opened her eyes to stare at Stan. 

“Where’s Raine and Brandon?” she asked quietly. 

Stan answered in an equally low tone, “Going back to Da—his place. To give up the money. Listen Macy … I’m sorry everything went down this way. If I could take it all back … If I could—" 

But she cut him off. “Its fine, Stan. Really. Just drop it.” 

“Okay … but I am sorry.” 

“I know.” was all she said before leaning back to the window, closing her eyes again.


Meanwhile, Raine and Brandon parked curbside of Dalton’s house. Raine insisted he have the gun with him, hidden of course, but just in case. Plus he didn’t want Brandon’s anger to get the better of him, which happened frequently. Shooting Dalton or one of the other guys wouldn’t help any problems; it’d only make matters worse. 

And so Raine tucked the gun in his jacket pocket and Brandon carried the money in an envelope. Little did he know, Raine had unloaded the gun before they’d even left the house. Which could only make matter better, right? Or at least if not better—civilized. 

Slowly, they approached the front door and knocked twice. At first, no one showed up. Five long minutes later though, the door swung open to reveal only Wes. His expression wasn’t one of surprise, more like expectant. He stepped out of the way silently so Raine and Brandon could file inside. Dalton was no where to be found but Liam was sitting on the couch like he always was. 

“Let’s just get this over with,” Liam snarled without glancing up at the guys. 

“Wouldn’t be here if we didn’t want this ended,” Brandon replied sharply while Raine nudged him to calm down. 

After extensive anticipation, Dalton appeared from down the hall with the same smirk on his face. He looked recovered from the punch, even though Raine and Brandon didn’t know about that yet. Choosing his words carefully, “Took you long enough. I was almost getting bored of Macy.” 

Brandon stiffened but Raine controlled his emotions expertly, nudging Brandon once again. “Oh God, I’d kill ya if I could,” Brandon growled and Dalton’s smile grew. 

“Easy there. Flattery will get ya no where. All I want is money. And hopefully you’ve got it?” Raine nodded while Brandon continued to seethe. “What a shame, I almost wanna make this more interesting,” Dalton said as if he hadn’t missed a beat. “Oh wait, I think I’ve got an idea…”

The End

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