Almost ... Free At Last?

Although it seemed like all the problems were over since Macy was out of Dalton's room, they weren't. She had to figure out how to get out of the house without Wes or Liam stopping her. And was Stan even still here? On top of all that, she was partly naked and short for time. In the event of rushing though, Macy decided to charge the door. The guys wouldn't be expecting her so it should be easy enough to run out. And once she's out, they probably won't chase after her. Right?

Macy pushed the worried thoughts from her mind and ran for the front door. She had passed the guys without looking back but just as her fingers grasped the doorknob, someone grabbed at her ankles and pulled her down to the floor. She thrashed hard, kicking and screaming at whoever was behind her, probably Liam.

She snuck a glance behind her and sure enough, it was him. He had hold of both her ankles and was now trying to get from the floor so she couldn't crawl away. One second he was holding her and the next she was moving her body back and forth toward the door.

Which Wes stepped over her to block.

After that, Macy gave up. She let Liam overpower her, pulling her up from the floor and onto the couch where he held her. "Okay, okay," she growled, "I won't fight. Just let me get dressed." Liam let go enough so she could pull her shirt over her head but not enough to put on her pants. "Liam ... please?"

He looked at Wes over her shoulder, who must have been mouthing something, but when she turned her head to Wes, he glanced away quickly. "At least let her get dressed," Wes finally said quietly, "I think she's been tormented enough if he got that far..."

Liam let her go and she put on her jeans quickly, aware of both guys' eyes on her. "What'd you do to Dalton?" Liam snarled as he brought her back down to the couch.

"Punched him in the balls ... he's gonna kill me."

"Nah, he likes you too much," Wes said with a roll of his eyes and Macy's head spun back around to him.



It was silence for a moment and Macy cleared her throat loudly. Wes brought his eyes to meet hers as she whispered, "Can't you let me go?"

Macy knew Liam was shaking his head behind her but she ignored him, focusing on Wes. Wes, who had enough of a heart ... maybe.

"Dalton will recover any minute..." she pleaded. But Wes didn't answer, turning away from her gaze. "Please..." 

"Sorry." Wes finally replied, looking toward the hall of Dalton's room and then back at Macy and Liam on the couch. He sighed, leaving the front door and grabbing a chair from the kitchen. Then, he carried it down the hall and propped it up against Dalton's door knob.

The amount of gratitude Macy felt didn't have words to justify. She simply smiled and he nodded once.

Meanwhile, Stan sat in the driveway, smoking out the window of the Jeep and listening to music. He willed Macy to run out the door any second now. He'd given her enough to go on, how come she hadn't gotten away from Dalton yet?

Suddenly his cell phone rang. Hope flashed through him that it was Macy, but it was just Raine. He picked it up silently. "You better have a good plan," Raine roared.

"Good enough," Stan replied. Short answers were always best he had learned.

"Well? What is it?" Raine was obviously agitated.

"I'm in the driveway. Macy should be coming out any minute now. Then y'all come over-weaponless-give Dalton the money and everything should be fixed."

"You have the money, remember?"

"I left it under the front door mat. Just get it, give it up and leave. Don't stay long enough for a fight. Dalton's already gonna be pissed off since Macy's getting away."

"And how is she gonna get away?" Stan was silent. "Stan? How is she gonna get away?"

Stan didn't answer, taking a long drag of smoke in. He listened to Brandon yell in the background for a moment and waited as Raine shushed him. "That's up to her," he finally said quietly, knowing he'd just dropped a boom on the battlefield.

"What the hell do you mean that's up to her?! You're not helping her get away?! We're not there so we obviously can't help her and you're there ... not helping?!"

"Calm down." Stan kept his voice quiet; he'd always been good at that in times of trouble. "I gave her enough of something to get away."

"Are you sure?" Raine's voice was urgent and tired.

"As sure as I'll be."

"Get the f*ck out of the driveway and go help her!"

Stan sighed; he was beginning to get annoyed. "Oh, the door's opening now," he lied. "Gotta go." He hung up quickly, waiting for the door to actually open. Waiting and willing for Macy to be set free of this stupid nightmare that honestly had nothing to do with her and everything to do with him. And again, guilt settled in as he continued to smoke out the window.

The End

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