Rated R Rescue

Dalton had Macy pinned down to the floor when he randomly stopped trying to get her naked. He had managed to get her shirt off but she was luckily wearing a camisole underneath and thankfully he didn’t try to tug that off too. “This isn’t as much fun as I’d thought it’d be,” he announced, flinging her shirt across the room out of her reach. 

He was seated atop her now and she looked up at his face angrily. “What now?” 

“Not sure yet.” Dalton got up completely, pulling Macy up from the floor with him. She turned her back on his bed as he stood in front of her, pondering his next move like in a chess match. 

Out of the blue Macy asked, “Why haven’t you done it yet?” Thinking of Stan’s text message had given her an idea. It wasn’t a great one, but it was still worth a try—anything to stall Dalton. 

“Done what?” he replied, honestly interested. 

“Why haven’t you … ya know … yet?” 

“What do you mean?” He was confused at first but could instantly tell she was embarrassed and uncomfortable. In seconds, he understood what her first question meant. “Oh. You mean why I haven’t … actually had sex with you yet?” 

He smiled as she whispered, “Yes,” glancing away quickly. But when he didn’t answer, Macy spoke again softly. “Is it because … you’ve actually got some kind of feelings?” 

Dalton laughed out loud, still not answering. 

“I mean if you think about it, if you were some heartless guy … you’ve would have done it already. Been done and then moved on. Have you not done anything … because … you actually care?” she ended with a question, willing her head to turn and look up at him. 

“Oh please, I don’t care. And to say I haven’t done anything makes you sound pretty insane.” 

But she pointed a finger at his smirking face. “There you go again! If you didn’t care at all, you wouldn’t be talking to me!” 

His smirk faded and after that she couldn’t read his expression. “So you think … I haven’t … yet … because I care?” 

She didn’t reply, but they both knew what her response would be. Macy waited for something—anything—to come next, but what came wasn’t what she was expecting. 

Dalton threw back his head and laughed cruelly and loudly. She was expecting him to cave with a few simple sentences, not cackle in her face. Obviously, she had to try harder before her spur-of-the-moment idea put her in worst danger then she had been in before. 


After Dalton had laughed himself to tears, he took a moment to calm down. He bent over with his hands on his knees, catching his breath. 

It was silent for a few minutes until he finally spoke up. 

“You’re wrong, Macy.” 

He pounced on her so quickly; she didn’t even have the chance to run. Dalton pushed her down to his bed, pulling at her jeans. She pleaded with him to stop but he ignored her. 

“I don’t care.”

He wrestled with her to get the rest of her clothes off but she wasn’t giving up without a fight. “Stop, stop, stop!” she screamed loud enough to make Dalton freeze in the process of taking off her pants all the way. She was gasping from the effort, but not willing to give up what seemed to be her last chance at stopping him. “That’s not what I meant,” she huffed out. 

“Then what exactly did you mean, huh?” 

“Just … give me … a second.” Dalton was seated on top of her back and his weight was making it difficult to form words and complete sentences. “I meant … I think you care … I know you care … because you like me.” 

“What?” he denied quickly, “I don’t like you.” 

“Why else are you trying to have sex with me then?” 

He was silent for a moment, but quick on his feet. “Uh, because I’m a guy. This is what guys do.” 

Macy was shaking her head as he spoke though, doubting every word that escaped his lips. “You have feelings for me,” she simply stated. 

And it was his turn to shake his head back and forth, even though she couldn’t see what he was doing. The shake was more for him than for her. “No I don’t. I just want some sex.” 

“You could get sex from anyone,” she argued, “why me?” Dalton didn’t answer and she continued, hoping to convince him on letting her go. “Just admit it, okay? You have feelings and you’re jealous I chose Raine over you.” A little bit of his weight lifted off her so she kept talking. “In this position, you really can’t lie to me. Or yourself… you’re only being a jerk ‘cause you’re pissed off.” 

“That’s some BS.” But his tone of voice wasn’t the slightest bit convincing. Was she really breaking him down? Was this really, actually working?

“How about I prove it to you?”

“Pssh, whatever. You can’t prove anything to me. Especially not this.” 

“Don’t be so sure.” Macy had him now; she knew this would work. “First, can you get off of me, please?” 

“No can do.” Dalton said easily and all her doubts came flooding back to her. But she had to stay strong, she knew she could win this—all she had to do was play the game right.

“Fine, fine. I’ll have sex with you.” 

Now that had really stumped him. “What?” 

“I said I’ll do it. With one condition.” 

“What are you trying to play?” he asked curiously but she didn’t answer. 

“Not this position. I hate being on my stomach,” she went on talking as if he hadn’t said anything. “…and I hate being pinned down. Can’t we just do it normal style?” 

Dalton was seriously at a lost for words as he flipped her over. He tried to read her face for something, but there was nothing of help for him there. And the only words Macy repeated in her head were: please, let this work.

He stripped them down to their undergarments and pulled a wrapper from his jeans pocket in the process. As he lay over her, Macy counted down from ten. 

Dalton opened the small square wrapper … ten, 

He looked one last time at her blank expression … nine, eight, seven, 

He pushed down her underwear the slightest bit … six, five, four, three, 

Pulled back his own … two, one, and that’s when she struck. 

Macy used all her strength to punch him in the place that could bring any guy to tears. She hit him so hard an, “oof” escaped him as he rolled over in pain. Quickly, she sprang up and gathered her clothes as he groveled on the carpet floor.

She ran from the room, slamming the door behind her in victory. When Dalton had spoken the words, “No can do,” she decided minutes later that there was no way to convince him to let her go. Instead, getting him back in one single punch for all the pain he caused would have to suffice. And it did.

The End

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