Minutes later, Raine zoomed down the road while Brandon fumed in the passenger seat of his own car. “You are a dumba*s. Dumba*s. Dumba*s. Dumba*s. Dumba*s. Dumba*s!” 

“Shut up!” Raine finally yelled back. “What the hell are you talking about?! ‘Cause if you’re mad that you’re not driving your own car, we can always pull over.” He didn’t particularly enjoy being insulted repeatedly. 

Brandon rolled his eyes at the last sentence but then threw up his hands. “You took too long to tell me about all of this! If she gets hurt now, it will be your fault!” 

Raine opened his mouth, but then closed it again. He couldn’t win now no matter what he said. When Brandon was mad, trying to reason with him wasn’t worth the time and effort. Instead, Raine focused on the road they sped along that would lead them to Macy. 


Dalton sat on his bed while Macy stood toward the door. He motioned for her to join him but she made no movements across the room. Finally, he gave up on just directing her. He got up from where he laid and walked to her, standing in front of her fearful form. “Wanna play a game, Macy?” 

“No,” she replied quickly and he gave her a small smile. 

“I do.” Dalton pulled out his cell phone and started looking through it, waiting for Macy to ask him what he was planning. Cell phones weren’t part of his usual games. 

“What are you doing?” 

His smile grew—she was right on cue. “Looking for something.” 

“For what?” she egged him on. 

“Stopwatch.” She still didn’t comprehend and that made him happy. 

“For what?” 

At that moment, he looked up from the phone starring into her eyes greedily. “Time how long it takes to get your clothes off.” 

“No,” she growled as bile rose in her throat. She turned, reaching for the door but he was quick. Dalton pulled her away, throwing her to the carpet floor as he locked it.

He stood over her as she crawled away backwards. “Round one. Ding, ding, ding.” 

“Cut the crap, Dalton.” But he was walking toward her ten times faster than she was crawling away. And sometime soon, this game of “follow the leader” would end. Badly.

The End

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