Potty Plots

Once she had locked the bathroom door, Macy let go of her calm and confident facade and broke down with panic. She momentarily slid to the floor and then remembered she had a job to do. Macy got on her hands and knees, opening up the cabinets under the sink. Her phone sat nestled on top of a tissue box. 

Flipping it open, one new message popped up from Stan: dalton’s doin what hes doin only kuz he likes you & i’ll explain that all later. dont worry kuz i’ve got a plan. call raine for help now 

Macy tried to process this peacefully. Dalton liked her. There was no possible way to process that. She exited out of the message and dialed Raine’s cell, taking deep breaths as he picked up. 

“Hey Macy, I—” 

He started to talk but she cut him off quickly. “Raine, I need help. I’m at Dalton’s.” He must have pulled the phone away from his mouth because she could hear muffled profanities for a moment. 

“Okay, I’m coming. But wait … what about Brandon?” 

“Tell him.” 

“Tell him?” Raine questioned. 

“Yes,” she snapped. “Tell him everything and then come and help me.” 

“Macy I thought you already gave Stan the money.” He pondered quietly. 

“I did … but … he … he’s got a plan and so now I’m calling you and Dalton’s gonna come get me soon …” her voice trailed off as she remembered kissing him. 

But Raine hissed loudly into the receiver. “Okay … I’ll be there soon. Hang tight.” 

After talking with Raine for a few minutes, Macy felt somewhat better. A knock on the door made her cringe though. She let whoever was out there keep knocking until they whispered, “Macy, its me.” Wes. 

She sighed, getting up from the floor to unlock the door for him. But when it swung open, Dalton was behind Wes with his gun again. “Come on, Macy. You were taking too long and I didn’t wanna break down the door,” Dalton stated, walking back toward his room. 

“Sorry,” was all Wes whispered as he disappeared down the hall as well. 

Macy stood in the doorway of the bathroom, contemplating her choices. She could go back and hide in the bathroom; she could give into Dalton; or she could charge the front door and hope to make it. “Macy,” called Dalton in his signature singsong voice and she knew she had to follow him. An attempt for the front door would probably be failed anyway. And hiding back in the bathroom wouldn’t work either. Slowly, she made her way back to his room. 

Raine needed to hurry up and come to the rescue already, she thought sadly as the door closed behind her and she was face-to-face with Dalton again. 

Back at Macy’s house, Raine sat on the couch, pondering his next move. He knew he needed to tell Brandon, but he wasn’t sure how to do it. How do you tell someone something like that when it’s not even your story to tell? 

Just then, Brandon strolled back into the TV room and sat down beside Raine. “Ready to get you’re a*s kicked in Madden again?” he exclaimed but Raine shook his head. “Okay then … boxing instead?” 

But Raine shook his head again. “I gotta tell you something, Brandon. And you’re not gonna like it.” 

Brandon paused and then he was suddenly angry. “What did you do?” he snarled as Raine put up his hands. 

“Nothing, no. Not me. It’s about Dalton … and Macy.” He launched into the Dalton-Macy story, leaving out the parts about the money and surprisingly, Brandon stayed silent all the way through. 

“What … what do we do?” he whispered sadly as Raine stared on in shock. When Macy had told him, he exploded but here was Brandon, calm and quiet as a mouse. 

And it sort of scared Raine. He was waiting for him to blow up. “Um … um we go and help her. And oh, I forgot something.” 

Brandon put his head in his hands as if in defeat. “What now?” 

“She gave Stan the money. And I don’t know what he’s planning, but he’s planning something.” 

“Stan’s on our side?” Raine just nodded and Brandon took a long, labored breath. But as he raised his head from his hands, his expression changed. He seemed as if he had seen all this coming and Raine wondered if he had.

“Did you … know about this or something?”

“I didn’t.” Brandon admitted, “I just … expected something like this to happen … and didn’t do anything to stop it.” 

“Its not your fault though, man.” 

“It is.” Funny how everyone blames themselves. 

“Well, let’s go and help her out of this. You can blame yourself later … I did.” Raine tried to reason. 

“Imagine what he’s doing right now,” Brandon whispered in a child-like voice. He drifted off into thought for a second and then snapped back to the present. His teeth clenched along with his fists and as he turned to Raine, the words out of his mouth matched his emotions expertly: “You've got a gun, right?”

The End

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