Jumping For Joy

Dalton could feel Macy flinch when he put his hand on her leg and he almost smiled. This was better than the last time she’d been in his room. 

Sure, he’d gone further than just kissing last time but things were different now. She had seen the handgun he had in the car and now she was scared. And so she was kissing him. Macy Summers was making out with him! He felt like literally jumping for joy. 

The last time he could only remember kissing her once. She had been wearing an adorable short skirt that he just had to go up into and forget about her sweet lips in the process. 

But now, he was enjoying how nice she tasted. It was like a mixture of peppermint, juicy bubble gum, and sugar. Or something better. Whatever it was though, he wished he could just hold onto that taste and kiss her forever. 

Even in this moment, he understood how Raine must feel while kissing Macy. Something about her lips made him never wanna let them go. 

He gripped her leg tightly, pulling it up to wrap around his waist. Once both her legs where off the floor and her arms where around his neck, he started walking toward the bed. 

“No,” she whimpered while trying to pull away from his mouth. But Dalton put a hand on the back of her neck so she couldn’t. Then he laid her down on his bed, letting his body hover over hers. “Please don’t,” she begged, wiping her mouth as neatly as possible. 

“Give me a reason why not,” he demanded, “And then I won’t.” 

“I … I kissed you back,” she tried to reason but he shook his head. 

“Not good enough.” 

“Okay, okay … um … um I have to pee.” 

Dalton burst out laughing, shaking the bed in the process. “Ha, that’s gotta be a lie. But nice try. I haven’t heard that excuse before.” 

Suddenly, Stan came into the room to save her, swinging the door wide open. “At least let her go to the bathroom, Dalton.” 

Dalton sighed loudly, "What where you doing out there, Stan? Listening with your ear pressed to the door?" Stan ignored the questions, rolling his eyes while Dalton finally agreed. “Fine," he snapped, getting up from on top of Macy. “But make it quick.” 

She rushed out of the room and Stan followed her down the hall. “Under the sink,” he whispered in a rush, “Your phone’s under the sink. I’ll explain the rest later.” 

Macy didn’t know what to say, so she tried to smile, turned and strolled into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

The End

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