The Obvious Trap

“No,” Macy cried out angrily, looking up from the floor at Dalton. Who ever held her had a strong grip and she couldn’t break free even as she continued to fight them. 

“Where ya headed to, Macy?” Dalton’s voice was condescending. 

“That’s really none of your business,” she snarled as the guy holding her brought her up from the floor and onto the seat. She wiggled so more but he already had a tight hold on both of her arms behind her back. 

“No,” Dalton argued back, “I’m pretty sure it is my business.” A small hand gun appeared from his jacket along with a smile. “I’ve got to scare whoever was expecting you. So come on, out with it.” 

Macy glared at him, keeping her mouth shut. While Dalton waited for an answer, she took the time to try and figure out her surroundings. This was Stan’s Jeep; she just hadn’t remembered the back seat being so roomy. But if this was Stan’s Jeep, then Stan had to be around somewhere.

Her capturer shook her as if she’d left reality for the moment. But when she glanced back over at Dalton, he still had a smile painted on his face. “Maybe this will motivate you. Raine left me a very convincing threat on the phone earlier. He explained that I’d never get my hands on you. Again,” he shrugged. “So of course, I had to prove him wrong. So … where ya headed to, Macy? 

Her teeth clenched together at the sound of his explanation but slowly she answered, “Jessica’s. The third house around this corner.” 

“Ah, Jessica. That sounds like a hot girl name.” He settled into the seat next to her as the Jeep moved on down the street, stopping in front of Jessica’s house. 

“Dalton, I swear—” Macy started to threaten but he cut her off with a wave of his hand. 

“Calm down, calm down. I didn’t say shoot, I said scare.” He smiled again, put the gun back into his jacket and hopped out of the vehicle like he was about to go skipping down the yellow brick road. 

Once Dalton was out, Macy worked harder to get free. It had to be either Liam or Wesley holding her but she couldn’t even turn enough to see his face. She glanced forward to the driver’s seat but couldn’t make out if it was Stan or not. She hoped it was. 

As Macy felt her capturer’s hands loosen up, she took her chance at getting away. No such luck. He pressed her into his lap so her arms were trapped whether he held them or not. As she tried to hit him, a muscular arm moved up around her throat and she panicked. 

She struggled like a mad woman, just as someone’s teeth clenched together loudly in the front seat. “Stop it,” Stan snarled. “Don’t hurt her, Wes.” 

Wes’ arm disappeared from her neck and returned back to her arms as Macy looked frantically to match Stan's face with his voice. When she turned her head and strained her neck, she could clearly see him sitting in the driver’s seat with his fists tightening around the steering wheel. From his position he could have easily turned to meet her eyes but he never did. 

Macy gave up on Stan anyway, as Dalton ran around the front of the car and jumped back into the passenger seat. “Drive,” he ordered and Stan floored the vehicle forward. Without a doubt, Macy was sure of their destination. Still, she hoped it would take longer than usual to arrive. She was in no rush to get to Dalton’s hellhole. 

And at that moment, she was sure of one thing. This had to be the event Stan was trying to warn her about. Stupidly, she had walked right into the trap. Again.

The End

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