Miscalculations And Mistakes

Macy spent the car ride back home trying to figure out what Stan had been trying to tell her. It was obviously important and troubling to him, but she couldn’t wrap her head around it. She shrugged it off, pulling into the garage of her house. 

Inside, the guys were back to doing what they do best. Video games. Macy wasn’t in the mood to sit and watch like the night before, so she headed up to her room and got onto Facebook. Minutes after logging in and posting a status, her friend Jessica’s name popped up in chat. 

MACY! it read. 

And she sighed, laughing to herself. Jessica was always overexcited and jumpy. She could just picture her now: sitting with her third cup of coffee for the day and a quirky smile on her face. 

hey Jess, Macy wrote back. 

come over! i’ve got the whole house 2 myself! 

Macy shook her head silently. 

don’t u always have the whole house 2 yourself?  

She almost posted those words but didn’t. Immediately feeling bad about Jessica’s always absent parents. Much like her own. 

something wrong? She settled on instead. 

no i’m just bored. wanna walk down the street 2 unbore me? lol 

haha, what if i’m lazy? Macy posted with a smiley face. 

then we can be lazy & bored together 

fine fine i’m coming Macy replied instantly. She felt like getting out of the house and acting normal anyway. Even if it meant spending the day with jumpy Jessica. They agreed on fifteen minutes and Macy logged off so she could go tell the guys. 

Luckily when she came down the stairs, Brandon was no where in sight. She could argue full-out with Raine, with all factors on the table if he said no. He said yes of course though. 

Raine wasn’t really happy about it but he never had mastered the art of telling Macy no. He said she could go but he looked extremely worried about the thought of her walking down the street alone. He offered her a ride but she declined, asking where Brandon was at the moment. Raine told her he’d gone to the bathroom and she smiled happily. Once she got Raine to completely agree with her leaving, she could be out the door without even having to tell Brandon. 

She argued that walking wasn’t a problem; she walked a block or two to Jessica’s house all the time. But Raine pointed out she did that when there wasn’t a doubt about Dalton. Still, he ended up letting her go. It wasn’t like he had the power to stop her anyway. So he kissed her lips and promised to tell Brandon where she had gone.

As Macy strolled down the sidewalk, there was a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. She felt so free, so carefree. Sure, once she got to Jessica’s house she would have to watch what she said about anything but she didn’t give a care. Even if Jessica gossiped every chance that she got, Macy didn't care. She was just happy and excited to be doing something that didn’t include Dalton in the picture. 

Thinking his name in her head made her stop walking randomly, shuddering. She pushed his name out of her mind; she wanted to feel normal today. And normal meant no mentioning of Dalton. Macy let her mind wander as she continued down the sidewalk. 

There was a lone Jeep parked on the corner of Jessica’s street but she took no notice of it as she came closer to her friend’s house. But just as she turned the corner, the Jeep swallowed her up and she was struggling against hands that twisted hers behind her back. 

The End

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