Under Control

I turn my head,
I can't shake the look you gave
I'm as good as dead,
Cause all those eyes are all it takes
And all, I want, is you
So I pulled away
All I do is sit and wait
And I might as well
Write the words right on my face
That all, I want, is you
Always you

Because I've kept my heart under control
But lately, all this time it’s taken its toll
Said I tried to but I can't hold back what's deep in my soul
Oh so darling please forgive me
I want you and you’ll just have to know


“Huh,” Raine said softly in Macy’s ear. Though they both had been lying awake, the Under Control by Parachute lyrics from her cell phone had made them jump. “How ironic.” She chuckled, rolling away from him on the couch to grab her phone off the floor. Then she moved back to him and handed it over. 

“Answer it. It’s Dalton.” 

“When did you even bring your phone downstairs?” he pondered. 

“Raine,” she said impatiently. “Answer it.” 

He laughed, kissing her forehead wrinkled in frustration so it’d smooth out. “Calm down. I got it.” He cleared his throat theatrically and Macy slapped him playfully. 

“Answer it already.” The lyrics started over and Macy was forced to realize how the words kind of related to them. She didn’t care much though, it was her favorite song. 

Raine opened her flip phone and she could hear Dalton bark, “What took you so long to answer?” 

Raine made his voice sound groggy. “Hello?” 

“Uh … who is this? Raine?” 

“Yeah,” he continued in the tired voice. “What do you want?” 

“Um … nothing.” 

“It must be something since you’re calling Macy’s phone at 11 in the morning.” His voice changed from past normal to angry. 

“No … no … I … must have the wrong number.” 

Raine shook his head as if Dalton could see him. “I knew you were lying, bro.” And then he hung up the phone without giving Dalton a chance to plead his case. 

“Thanks Raine.” 

“No problem.” He kissed her again and gave her back her phone. 

As she put it back on the floor and turned back to him, she raised her eyebrows. 

“What?” he said innocently, like he had no idea what she was about to say. 

“Where did … um your shirt go?” 

Raine looked down at his muscular bare chest, as if just realizing there wasn’t something covering him. “Why are you just now noticing this?” 

“You didn’t answer my question.” Macy stated but she couldn’t keep the smile off her face. “But its okay.” Slowly, she reached for him, kissing his chest sweetly before climbing off the bed. 

Raine shook his head, trying to hide how much he’d enjoyed that simple kiss. He grabbed his shirt from where he’d discarded it on the floor and pulled it over his head. Together, they went into the kitchen and sat down at barstools. 

He waited for her to say something but she was concentrating extremely hard on the granite countertop. He broke the silence with a joke. “Will breakfast magically appear if you stare long enough?” 

Macy failed to laugh but finally opened her mouth to voice what was on her mind. “Did … er ... is Brandon awake? He let me sleep down here all night?” 

“He checked on us last night.” 

“He did? Was I asleep?” 

Raine nodded. “He came out of his room, looked down from the doorway at us and then went back inside. It was like 3 a.m.” 

“Oh. And you were awake?” 

“Yeah. He must have seen me awake too.” Strangely, Raine looked uncomfortable. 

“Why do you say that?” 

“’Cause … I was … stroking your hair,” he turned away from her face, embarrassed, “And then he walked out of his room.” 

Macy nodded, taking all of this in. She didn’t mind Raine stroking her hair, that’s probably why the rest of her dreams were peaceful. But Raine being embarrassed was an entirely new emotion for him. He rarely showed embarrassment and she smiled at the fact he was sharing more with her. Still, she couldn’t focus on that for too long. Now that Dalton was out of the picture, for now, she couldn’t help but think about Brandon. Why hadn’t he carried her back into her room? “So … Brandon’s okay with us sleeping together. Well not really sleeping together but ya know, sleeping.” 

Raine laughed at her confusing sentence, even though he had understood every word of it. “I guess he is.” 

Suddenly, Brandon ran into the kitchen with his arms raised up high. He shouted at the top of his lungs, “BREAKFAST!” but his arms fell as he looked over at Macy and Raine, “What? No breakfast?” he joked.

Raine chuckled while Macy smiled. “Banana pancakes, of course.” She told Brandon, getting up from the barstool while he nodded in agreement. 

Back to the brother sister team, they started gathering supplies while Raine sat at the counter, feeling out of place. Brandon stopped to explain the craziness. “Whenever our mom goes away for the weekend, Sunday morning means banana pancakes.” 

“Of course.” Macy chimed in. “You wanna learn how to make them?” Raine nodded. 

“Cooking is my specialty.” He said with authority and Macy looked at him with doubt. 


“Naw,” Raine laughed, standing up. “I’m kidding. Of course not. But I’ll help.” Macy shrugged, he can’t be a sweet-talking, James Bond, bad boy ... who cooks. That just doesn’t quite flow right.

The End

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