Sweet Dreams And Nightmares

As midnight approached, Macy couldn’t resist how tired she was. She rested her head against Raine’s shoulder as he suggested, “Why don’t you just go to sleep? I’ll see you in the morning.”

Macy sighed. As much as she didn’t want to leave Raine’s side, she was extremely beat. She said her goodnights and collapsed on her bed upstairs. Within minutes, she was fast asleep as the guys continued to play games downstairs.

The next few minutes were filled with silence but in truth, the intense amount of silence was deafening. So loud in rang in her ears, making her wince … though that wasn’t the only thing making her wince. Dalton shoved Macy up against the closed door roughly … she put a hand to his chest … trying to push him away but he gripped that wrist and forced it up over her head. His other hand grabbed her free wrist, placing it above her head as well … and after that she was completely vulnerable …

Macy whimpered as Dalton’s hands crept down to her pants … he ignored her, doing deeds unimaginable … She hadn’t thought of this … she hadn’t thought he was capable of this …

She tried to speak: yell, scream, cry, anything but words wouldn't surface ... as he ...

 He started on the first button … there were two … two buttons and a zipper stopping him from getting what he wanted … she struggled harder but he twisted her arms so they’d stay above her without him having to hold them.

She fought as hard as she could … but it wasn’t enough. He moved … unbuttoning and zipping down her only defense ...

And that’s when Macy woke up screaming. Her hand flew over her mouth, attempting to stop the loud sobs that escaped it; they were piercing the still night. She then noticed she was crying. How she hadn’t noticed before was unexplainable. Tears flowed down her cheeks like the waves of a tsunami and she couldn’t stop them.

Seconds later, Brandon and Raine burst into her room. Brandon came in first, a bat in his hands, while Raine followed, both their faces worried. “What happened?” Brandon snarled, looking around her room for a predator.

She shook her head as Raine guessed, “Bad dream?” She nodded, removing her hand from her mouth and wiping away her tears. Her eyes couldn’t stay off of Raine’s face for even a moment; he knew what she was thinking. Or well, he knew the general topic … but he didn’t know to what extent it was hurting her.

“What’s … with … the … bat?” She choked out and Brandon shrugged, putting it down by the door. He and Raine both sat on different sides of her bed.

“Macy,” Raine’s voice was soft, taking her hand. There were so many things he wanted to say to make her feel better but half of them couldn’t be voiced in front of Brandon. He was still out of the loop as far as they knew.

“We’re here for you.” Brandon whispered. “I’m sorry about your dream.”

Macy didn't reply; she didn't have the strength to. Her eyes were still on Raine, as if she could communicate some purposeful words. She couldn’t. But Raine must have picked up something, because he leaned in closer, wrapping his arms around her.

“Thanks,” she mumbled against his shoulder as he rubbed his arms up and down her back. He squeezed her tight momentarily, as if to prove he was here now and he’d be here forever.

Brandon was glancing at the clock out of the corner of Macy’s eye. 1:36 a.m. it read. “Well,” Brandon said slowly, “Looks like you got it all under control. Not much I can do here. Macy?”

“I’m fine,” she lied. “You can go to bed.” He nodded, unsure if he should leave her, but in the arms of Raine she looked much more at peace. He helped her cope and Brandon was fine with that, so he said goodnight and headed to sleep.

Macy wasn’t about to have Raine leave her like Brandon so she held on for life itself. He must have understood this as he slowly lay down, still cradling her in his arms. “Its okay,” he whispered in her ear sweetly, “Its all gonna be okay.”

Macy nodded as if she believed his words but in truth, she was wishing he was right even though he wasn't. They lay like that for what felt like another hour but was really only twenty minutes. And at last, Macy sighed sadly. “You can go back downstairs if you want. I don’t think I’ll be falling asleep anytime soon.” What was she saying? Was she trying to convince him to leave her?

“Wanna come with me?” he asked, “I bet Brandon will care less about us lying on the couch over lying in your bed.”

“Okay.” They got up sluggishly, stumbling through the dark house together until finally landing on the couch downstairs in the TV room. The screen now flashed colors of a random television show, lighting up most of the room. The couch served as a full bed now, with sheets and a blue conformer. Macy and Raine climbed under the blankets quickly, the house was unnaturally cold so late at night. Or rather so early in the morning.

“Are you comfortable?” Raine asked Macy as they settled with his arms around her waist. They lay sideways, Macy’s backside to Raine’s front. And every few minutes, Macy felt the comfort of his lips kissed her hair. She was beyond comfortable.

“Yeah. Are you?”

“Whenever you’re close by.” He answered and she smiled.

Her smile shifted to her biting her lip in seconds though. “Raine … do you realize its only been a week since we’ve known each other?”

She could feel him nod. “Yeah … I mean … we have been moving kind of fast. We can slow down if you want to.”

But Macy twisted her body quickly to face him. She clutched his face and kissed his lips fiercely. “No way in hell.”

“No way in hell would you change this week?”

“No way in hell,” she repeated as he kissed her back. They settled back in the other position and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The End

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