Brighten The Mood

“I’m gonna take a shower.” Macy announced after everyone had finished their quiet meal. She shot a glare at Brandon, kissed Raine and went up the stairs. On the way to her room, she could hear Brandon apologizing as they got up to play video games in the other room. Macy hid her smile though they weren’t even looking. 

She didn’t like fighting with Brandon. They were supposed to be the brother and sister team, the ones who never fought. And yet, with what happened at the dinner table, Macy had a strange feeling there was more to come. 

She pushed those thoughts away as if they disgusted her and opened the door to her bedroom. The walls were a soft blue and her floor was covered by a big purple and blue striped rug. On the right of the doorway there was a white dresser drawer that ran along the length of the small wall. In the corner was the small bathroom with the walk-in closet next to it. A full body mirror hung over the door. And across from that was her warm and comfortable full-size bed. The comforter was purple to match the rug and there was a plethora of pillows sitting atop. Her desk was against the back wall next to a window seat and a pile of beanbag chairs. 

Macy sighed; just standing in her bedroom gave her comfort and settled down her stress. A shower would help even more though. She walked into the lime green themed bathroom and turned on the shower water so it would run hot. Undressing and jumping inside, Macy felt a whole lot better within seconds. Then she looked down. 

The bruises from Dalton had strengthened over one day and she thought she felt a new one coming on from the kick earlier today. The extreme amount of discoloring made her wince and finish up her shower quickly. She hopped out unhappily, trying to focus on the good things and not think about the bad. After finding her favorite striped boxer shorts with a blue bow and her favorite tee shirt that read: I’m the Girl Your Mother Warned You About, Macy headed back down to the guys. 

Raine had changed out his wet clothes and now sat in a plain white tee shirt and plaid pajama pants. Like Dalton’s, Macy thought as she hid her cringe. Raine hadn’t noticed her discomfort or either ignored it. He chuckled at her shirt while Brandon rolled his eyes, keeping his attention on the game. 

They had turned off all the lights so the huge TV screen lit up everything. Macy wasn’t sure which game they were playing, but she didn’t care. She climbed over the back of the couch and squeezed in between her boyfriend and her brother. And after that, everything became silent. Expect for the loud sound effects on the game of course. For hours, Macy sat with them watching the game. She figured out it was football but still, she didn’t really care. All she cared about was Raine’s knee pressed against hers and the few moments he pulled away from the game to smile down at her.

The End

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