Sleeping Arrangements

“So …” Brandon began slowly with his mouth full of pizza. He swallowed quickly and continued. “Raine … I think you can sleep on the pull-out couch down here—” but Macy gave him a look that stopped his sentence. “You didn’t actually think I’d tell him sleep in your room, did you?” Brandon’s face was a mask of disbelief. “Come on Macy.” 

“Don’t assume you know everything.” She snapped at him. “I didn’t think that, okay? I’m not crazy.” She rolled her eyes as Raine took a loud bite of his pizza. 

“The pull-out sounds fine.” He cut in quickly, trying to stop the brother-sister fight that was flaring up. Strange, he thought to himself. They never fight. 

“Okay Macy, whatever you say,” Brandon continued, ignoring Raine completely. “But I mean seriously. He’s eighteen.” His voice rose, “And you’re only sixteen!” 

“Its not like we were gonna do anything!” she yelled back as if Raine wasn’t sitting right there. “You’ve had girls spend the night before!” 

Brandon fake-coughed and then mimicked her voice in a quieter tone, “Its not like we were gonna do anything. See how convincing I sound?” He cocked his head to the side, waiting for her to admit he’d won. 

But she didn’t. “You don’t … sound convincing at all … but that’s because you never could get my voice right.” Brandon actually laughed as she smiled slightly. But they both knew the dispute wasn’t over yet. “You don’t trust me.” she stated silently, her smile fading. 

And Raine cleared his throat quite noisily. “The pull-out sounds fine.” He repeated but no one answered him. 

“No Macy, I don’t. Not with a guy in your room for the night. Sorry. And sorry if you thought I did when I don’t.” He pointed at Raine with his pizza slice. “And I don’t trust him either.” 

“Alright fine, Brandon. He can sleep on the pull-out.” She seemed all argued out. “But just know …” she paused as if she couldn’t find the words. “You can be a real pain in the a$s sometimes.”  

“Oh I know,” he agreed. “That’s why I’m your older brother.” And then he proceeded to finish his pizza in silence while Macy and Raine did the same. An argument over delicious food with great company really seems to ruin the mood.

The End

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