Raine’s eyes were glued to Macy’s face as she walked to him slowly. He didn’t want to do this. But he knew he had to. She smiled sweetly at him, innocently and he could tell she’d put on a flirty face while taking off her shirt upstairs. 

She tossed him down a towel and failed at hiding the one behind her back. Raine watched as she swirled it up into whip form. “Oh no,” he said teasingly, rushing up the stairs just as she tried to hit him. 

He caught it quickly, pulling it from her fingers. “Hey! No fair!” Macy laughed out loud. “How’d you even see me doing that?” 

There was a double meaning within his words, “You’re not very good at hiding stuff from me.” 

They strolled down to the main floor together, all the while plotting each other’s next moves. “Fine, you win.” She told him, crossing her arms over her chest and wincing slightly at her false hope of winning against Dalton. Raine didn’t miss either of those actions. He tried to ignore them but there were certain things about Macy he always noticed. 

An awkward silence followed in which Raine cleared his throat loudly. “Aren’t you cold … in that … amount of clothing?” He tried unsuccessfully not to look at the skimpy tank top and shorts that showed off her tanned legs. 

Macy shrugged with a small grin. “I figured you could warm me up.” She reached out for him and he reluctantly took her into his arms. He didn’t want to do this. But he knew he had to … 

“Macy … I have to be honest with you.” 

She pulled out of his hug. “Okay … um about what?” 

Here goes nothing, Raine thought to himself just as they were rudely interrupted by Brandon. “Let’s break this love up for a moment!” He shouted from the door with a smirk. “And help me carry the pizzas!” Macy smiled and rolled her eyes at her brother. She left Raine's arms to grab a pizza from Brandon's. 

With yummy food filling up hands, they all strolled into the kitchen together while Raine internally thanked Brandon for the save. He didn’t want to do it. And now he wasn’t given the chance. “Pizza time!” Raine said happily, rubbing his hands together as Macy laughed at him, already forgetting about whatever he was about to admit to her. 


But in truth, Macy knew exactly what he was going to say. That’s why she planned to be flirty as she came down the stairs. She knew what Raine was planning. It was obvious. 

He would try to explain that she shouldn’t throw herself into him because of everything that happened with Dalton. Little did he know, that was just what she decided to do. A good idea or not, she didn’t plan on changing her mind. 

But could that be the problem? That no one was willing to change what they thought. What they planned on saying and doing was the right thing in their minds. And no one was budging. No one was compromising. Couldn’t that cause even more trouble … adding on to the already heavy load of burdens?

The End

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