The Right Night With Raine

Raine watched Macy’s slender body as she glided up the stairs. He couldn’t help but feel sadness and anger for whatever Dalton put her through. Raine was sure of one thing though: those bruises weren’t the only scars she had. 

He had things all planned out in his head. Once she came back down the stairs and handed him a towel, he would pounce. He didn’t really want to grill her with questions, but he knew that she wasn’t telling him all of truth. 

He’d start off softly, saying, “Macy … I don’t want … I don’t want you to feel like you have to … do anything with me … if you’re not ready.” She’d give him a look and so he’d continue. “I just mean … you’ve got as much time as you need to get over Dalton.” 

She’d argue back, like always. “I’m fine, Raine. I’m over Dalton.” 

But he’d shake his head. “I know you’re not.” 

“I am!” She’d probably raise her voice.

“Macy, don’t stand there and lie to me.” 

“I’m. Not. Lying. To. You.” Her teeth would most likely clench together in that cute way when she’s frustrated. “It doesn’t … take long … to get over a few … small bruises.” 

Without a doubt, he’d get angry then, but try to hide that anger of course. “That’s not true. I know that’s not all Dalton did.” 

“And how would you know?!” she’d scream at him. 

At this point, Raine’s voice would drop to a whisper. He was already filled with fury, but saying something like this really hurt him. “After you and Brandon would leave his place … all he’d do … was talk about you.” He’d pause, putting a fist over his mouth and closing his eyes. Macy would wait, wanting to know what was killing him so intensely. “He’d just sit there … and talk about … all the things he wanted to do to you.” 

After that, Raine would be sure that he won. Macy would be silently fighting off the tears she hid so well and he’d have open arms for her to fall into. He’d figured out the mystery in a matter of mere minutes. He planned it out so well, he knew exactly how everything would play out once his girlfriend strolled down those steps. 

Macy rushed into her bathroom, next to the big wall-in closest. She pulled off her plaid shirt quickly, shivering beyond control in the skimpy white tank she had been wearing underneath. She slipped her messy hair into a high ponytail and collected towels from under the sink.  

One thing for sure, Macy knew exactly how things were going to go once she walked back to Raine, handing him a towel. He’d smile thanks and then she’d strike. He wouldn’t have seen her spinning around the towel to make it into a whip because his eyes would have been focused entirely on her face. But it was a surprise attack she was planning for anyway. 

He’d yelp like a little girl (though he probably would only do such a thing in her dreams) but soon after, he’d be prepared with his towel and then it’d be an equal battle. Running around the house, soaking wet, and slapping each other with towels is what Macy intended to do. 

She felt like letting loose, like being the extreme flirt that she normally is. And if throwing herself into Raine will make her forget the ordeal with Dalton, so be it. She could handle it. Macy was ready, with no doubts about what limits she could push it to.

The End

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