Raine Shower

“So that’s how its gonna be,” Brandon said once Macy and Raine walked inside, hand-in-hand. He eyed Raine’s leather jacket on her. 

“Yeah. That’s how its gonna be,” Raine replied just as Macy joked, “This doesn’t really match my eyes … but whatever.” They all couldn’t help but crack a smile at her attempted (and failed) kidding. 

“So, what’s with the bag?” Brandon asked, moving onto other subjects. 

“Had to get away from the parents. Mind if I crash here?” 

Brandon’s eyebrows rose. “You two planned this, didn’t you?” 

“Of course not.” Macy told him innocently and he shrugged his shoulders. 

“Well I was just about to order some pizza from that diner, Macy.” He started walking into the lavish kitchen to grab his keys off the counter. “Did you want deserts or something?” 

“I think I’ve got all the sweets I need,” came her reply and Brandon rolled his eyes as Raine laughed quietly. 

“Alright. Whatever. I’ll be back then.” He nodded his goodbyes and exited out of the front door just as the sky opened up with rain. Within seconds, he returned, grabbing an umbrella. “I can trust you two alone, can’t I?” 

“Of course.” Macy smiled at him. “We’ll see you later.” She closed the door on him while Raine strolled into the TV room, leaning against the back of the couch. 

“So … what do you wanna do?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest. “I can think of … a few things.” 

“We could … watch TV if you want.” Macy moved from the front door, letting Raine hold her in his arms. Outside thunder rumbled loudly and they could hear the hard rain hitting the house. 

“Naw, think of something else. Something … adventurous. Ha-ha, I don’t know.”

“You know,” she began, tracing patterns on his buff bare arm, “I’ve always secretly wanted to … dance in the rain.” 

He looked over her out the window that faced the street. “That’s not a crazy idea at all,” sarcasm clear in his voice. 

Macy slapped his shoulder. “You asked.” She paused, finding his fingers to hold. “Okay. Let’s go.” She decided for the both of them, knowing Raine would give in. He couldn’t deny this girl anything. So he pulled the leather jacket from her shoulders, opened the front door and out they ran. 

The rain was coming down in cold sheets quickly. In minutes, they were soaked, but it didn’t matter. They held hands and danced around in her front lawn, probably looking insane to any neighbors that happened to peek out their windows. Raine twirled Macy around as if she was a ballerina and then they danced the tango unsuccessfully. After a little jazz number and a salsa move, he pulled her in tightly to his chest, kissing her full lips happily. 

They spun around in each other’s arms, the seemingly perfect ending to a fairytale movie. Their smiles practically lit up the dark, stormy sky. 

“I’m freezing!” Macy suddenly screamed and he chuckled at her, stuck in the blissful moment. Without warning, his arms grabbed her legs off the wet ground and he carried her inside to the warmth. “That was unexpected,” Macy told him breathlessly once they were inside, shaking from just minutes in the cold air. Florida’s weather could be so unpredictable at times. 

“You didn’t think I could pick you up, did you?” Raine muttered teasingly, a smile painted permanently across his lips. 

“No,” she finally admitted, hitting his shoulder playfully. “I didn’t.” 

His smile turned smug as he opened up his arms. “Again?” 

“Hmm, maybe later.” Truthfully, she had loved and hated being carried in Raine’s arms. On one hand, she wanted to be as close to him as she could get, but on the other hand, something about no control flashed into her mind with her feet off the ground. 

Raine reached toward her again, placing his hands on her shoulders. His smile was uncontainable even as he just rubbed up and down her arms, trying to get her warm. 

“How about a towel?” she asked with a gentle laugh, though she secretly enjoyed him touching her, while feeling panic at the same time. Her emotions were so conflicting she thought that just a minute away from him might help. But as she waited for his reply, an idea came to mind that changed her train of thought completely. 

“A towel would be nice.” Raine replied and she took no time rushing up the stairs, her new plan forming. After all, how bad could things get with just towels?

The End

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