Promises, Promises

After a while, Macy’s tears dried up and Raine just held her in his arms. That was all she wanted but she knew, any minute, he’d be asking questions. “Macy …” Raine’s voice sounded shaky but Macy still pulled out of his embrace. “Macy …” he repeated slowly, “What happened?” 

“No,” she whispered defiantly. 

“You have to tell me.” Strange, his voice seemed just as commanding as Stan’s had been when he asked the same question in the car. 

“No, no. This is not something I want to talk about.” 

“Macy please … be reasonable.” 

She thought for a second, chewing on her lip. “Reasonable … okay. I’ll … tell you … if you do something for me.” 

“Okay. Done. Anything.” 

“Don’t tell Brandon about this.” 

“Anything but that,” Raine changed his mind. “Brandon’s gonna be mad. Real mad. And I won’t be able to take Dalton, Liam, Wesley, and Stan all by myself.” 

“Not Stan,” she replied quite loudly, then lowered her voice. “He helped me …” 

But Raine just sighed. “I don’t trust him but okay. And I … have to tell Brandon, Macy. I’m sorry. He’s your brother.” 

“Yes, who gets pretty angry over guys messing with me. More p*ssed off than needed. I want to get Dalton back … but I don’t want things to get out of hand.” 

“And … and what are we getting Dalton back for?” 

It felt like an eternity before she murmured, “This …” She practically bit off her entire lip as she unbuttoned her shirt quietly. At first, Raine was about to stop her, unsure of what she was doing but then he saw the bruises. There were so many of them, so many that covered her  torso, so many from just a couple days of cruelty. 

Suddenly, Raine was up off the bed. He paced the room in jerky movements, his fist pressed tightly against his mouth. Macy watched him in alarm, remembering how loud and vicious his voice had sounded when he was angry at his father. 

“Raine …” she said hesitantly, “Please … calm down.” 

“Calm down?!” he shouted, hitting his fist on the wall roughly. “You want me to look at those bruises from Dalton and then … calm down?! 

“Um … yes,” Macy whispered and he exhaled loudly, running his hands down his face as if he could just wipe away the anger. 

He went back to the bed to sit next to her. “I’m sorry. I’m just … so p*ssed off at Dalton. I can’t believe he would do something … like that … to you.” 

Macy agreed sadly. “He’s a jerk. That’s all.” 

“I shouldn’t have let this happen.” 

“It’s not your fault.” She tried to reason while buttoning up her shirt but Raine wasn’t hearing it. 

“No it is. I should have … been there for you …” 

“It’s not your fault,” she repeated in a whisper, “He … he picked me up from school …” Those probably weren’t the right words to say. 

“He what?!” 

“Well … well I called your phone and he answered. Said you were asleep after drinking with him.” 

“You believed his story about drinking in the middle of the day?!” 

“He … he said you were stressed out about your dad and stuff.” 

“That son of a b*tch!” His fist clenched up again and Macy grabbed his hands. 

“Just … don’t worry about all that stuff. Just … promise me you won’t tell Brandon. I’ve got a plan … to fix all of this. Please, Raine.” 

He deliberated over her words, trying to think things through before finally answering her. “Okay. I won’t tell him … yet. What’s your plan?”

The End

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