“I’m here,” Macy snapped confidently. “So what do you want?” Dalton was surprised by her tone, but he of course was still smiling. 

He stood up and Macy noticed what she hadn’t seen before: he was only in pajama bottoms. That unnerved her a little bit but she didn’t let it show. “I need to talk to you. In private.” He started down the hall to his room without another glance at Macy, knowing she’d follow but she stood for a moment at the door. 

“Is Stan here?” she whispered to Liam and Wesley but neither answered, probably instructed not to answer her questions. 

“Macy,” Dalton said in a singsong voice and she reluctantly walked to his room. The lights were out as she stepped inside and she immediately began searching for the switch. She knew it was by the door … but Dalton’s hand found her face before she found the light. The blow sent her to the floor but afterwards, he turned on the light. 

“Look Dalton,” Macy snarled but she was cut off by a kick. It brought moans of pain to her lips and he smiled again as she struggled to her feet. “I didn’t come here so you could do this again.” 

His eyebrows rose. “What did you come here for then, Macy?” 

She held her side, looking at Dalton curiously. What kind of card was he trying to play? “I came here because—” 

But he chopped off her words by his next movement. He was at her quickly, backing her up against the door while his hand cupped her neck, silencing her. “Did you tell Raine about me?” he hissed and Macy panicked. Had Raine already figured everything out? 

“No,” she said quickly, truthfully. “I swear.” 

Dalton’s hand put the slightest pressure against her neck and she cringed, wrapping her fingers around his wrist. She knew he planned this; the idea she’d answer all his questions honestly since he was intent on choking her. 

Or so he made it seem. 

“Because he came over here yesterday.” He went on, “Asking questions. Wanting to know the truth and doubting all my answers.” Macy stayed quiet. “So I’ll ask you again. One more time. Did you or did you not tell Raine?” 

She started to shake her head but instantly understood that her answer wouldn’t matter to him anyway. People believed only what they wanted to. 

Dalton stepped away from her suddenly, releasing her neck and she was grateful he hadn’t actually choked her … “I ask you to do one thing, Macy. And you can’t even do that.” 

But she rolled her eyes, her confidence coming back now that Dalton’s hands were off of her. “Oh please, Dalton. Be reasonable. If I had told Raine what you did, do you really think he’d come over here only asking questions?” 

Dalton paused to think. Think reasonably, of course. He tapped his chin, trying not to admit that she was right. 

“So can I go now? Now that you’ve got your interrogation over with and you’ve got the chance to hurt me. Can I leave now? Though I’m probably going to whether you say yes or no.” 

The absent smirk returned to his face. “When did you go back to confident, Macy? I thought I scared you enough last time. Do I got to whip you into shape? Again? 

Macy did not shudder like she wanted to. “Knowing I’m right makes me feel confident. And knowing that you don’t scare me helps too.” She shrugged her shoulders like he would. “But I don’t know. I guess … you’re just not as bad as you seem, Dalton.” 

He cocked his head to the side in shock but controlled his expression soon after. “So you’ve got me all figured out?” 

“There’s not many layers to you actually. I mean, it’s obvious you’re an extreme horn dog. And you pride yourself on the fact that you can get into most girls’ pants. But ya can’t get me. And you think you’re oh so cool because you hit the girl. But I can tell you one thing for sure Dalton, you won’t always get the girl when you hit ‘em.” She smiled at him, waiting for retaliation that didn’t come. 

At the end of her speech, his nostrils were flaring angrily and his fist clenched at his sides. 

Macy gave him a puppy dog look. She was surprised he’d gone on this long without striking her … and she was definitely going to make note of that. “Aw, what’s da matter? Is the big boy gonna cry?” 

She chuckled silently just as he lunged at her with so much force he couldn’t stop his direction of flight as she sidestepped him. His hands hit the wall with a loud bang as he slowed himself while Macy turned to face him. She was acting confident but the idea of Dalton behind her scared her to death. “You’re pushing your luck, Macy.” 

“Am I?” she said innocently. “I hadn’t noticed.”

The End

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