Not So Good Morning

Saturday morning, Macy rolled over in bed. It was 11:00 a.m. and she had not planned for waking up before noon. Macy turned toward her nightstand, the source of her awakening, to where her cell phone blasted Under Control by Parachute at a volume that wasn’t at all appreciated in the early hour. 

“Hello?” Macy answered the phone, groggy. 

“Get up,” a voice demanded and she groaned. 

“I’m going back to sleep.” 

“No you’re not. Come on over,” Dalton said and Macy could practically see him sitting on one of his ugly brown couches, smirking. 

“No thanks.” 

Dalton chuckled. “Ah, Macy, Macy, Macy, Macy. You didn’t understand me I guess. Come on over means come over. Now … or I’m coming there.” 

She was silence for a moment but finally answered. “Urgh. I hate you.” 

“Don’t flatter me.” He guffawed before hanging up the phone as she rolled over in bed. Seconds after throwing her phone across the room, Brandon opened the door. 

“You okay?” he asked and Macy sat up suddenly. 

“Yeah. Fine. My friend’s being annoying. She wants me to come over so we can hang out.” She lied easily. 

“Well go.” 

“Oh I am. Ugh, but it’s the first day of summer … I kinda wanted to waste the day sleeping.” 

Brandon laughed quietly, “Sleep tomorrow.” But Macy knew that if she got up today for Dalton, she’d get up tomorrow too. 

“Naw, it’s okay. Has … has mom left for her weekend trip yet?” she asked. 

“Yeah she did. Like five minutes ago. She said she was gonna say bye but you were still sleeping.” Macy rolled her eyes but Brandon went on talking, “Look, whatever is wrong between you two, you should fix it.” 

“Nothing’s wrong.” 

“Now I know that’s a lie. You’ve been fighting forever. So … whatever’s going on, fix it. Staying mad at each other doesn’t help anything.” 

“Thank you, Dr. Phil.” 

“Anytime.” He smiled sweetly at her before closing her bedroom door. 

After taking a quick shower, Macy stood wrapped in a towel in front of her closest. She had had trouble not looking over Dalton’s damage in the shower but clothes could cover it all up. Then came the dilemma of what she was going to wear. She didn’t want to wear something that showed off a lot of skin but she also didn’t want to wear something that Dalton would have to take off to get to the skin he wanted. It was a very difficult decision to make. 

She ended up with skinny jeans and a button-down striped blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up, taking a pair of short shorts to change into once she got to Raine’s house. If she wanted to keep up her act, she’d have to make it believable. 

At that point, Macy wondered if her act was believable. Did Raine believe the lie she’d told him about the locker? She usually could lie easily (not that that was a good thing; it just came in handy) but it was extremely hard to lie to Raine. She really, really liked him. 

Macy sighed sadly. This was such a messed up, twisted situation.  But she had a plan up her sleeve to solve it all. She yelled good-bye to Brandon, heading into the garage to pull out in her Beetle. Driving down the street, Macy thought over her plan. 

First, she’d ask Stan when his money to the judge was due. Then, she’d take the money out of her bank account and hand it over. After that, everything would be “somewhat” fixed and things could go back to “somewhat” normal. Plus, this would get her out of Dalton’s faster. The only problem in her plan was getting the money before Dalton did something worse. That was all she was worried about because as it looked, her plan wasn’t going to run smoothly.  

Today, she’d be at Dalton’s almost all day and then head over to Raine’s and then back home like the day before. So that gave her no time to go to the bank and tomorrow was Sunday. The bank was closed. And she was doomed. Maybe. 

Macy drove her car past Dalton’s house, parking a ways up the road. She didn’t want to risk anyone seeing it. After taking a few deep breaths, she realized she was walking right back into his trap. But she was ready this time, ready for whatever was coming. 

Macy walked down the sidewalk slowly. Though she thought she was prepared for whatever was coming, she was still dreading it. Step-by-step, she approached the front door, randomly thinking about how sinister it looked. Dark-colored with no windows to look out or in, it looked like the door to hell. And it was. Just as Macy pressed her fist to the door, it swung open, revealing a tall lean guy who smiled at her with a short nod. “It’s Liam. You’re in deep sh*t.” 

Macy tried not to flinch as she stepped inside. Someone unknown, probably Wesley, was sitting on a couch playing video games as Liam sat down beside him to join back in the game. Stan was no where to be found, the one she was searching for, but Dalton was seated on the other couch, smirking at her. 

“Come on over.” He whispered viciously.

The End

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