Once Raine left the Summers’ house, he headed over to Dalton’s with questions on his mind. As he raced through the streets, not caring about the fact that it was close to midnight, Raine couldn’t help but think about what happened with Macy in his room earlier that day. 

When she’d told him that she hit her side on a locker, the lie seemed to fall flat, though he didn’t point it out. He wanted her to tell him the truth but he also didn’t want to shove it out of her. Raine just hoped that in time, she’d be honest with him. 

The more he thought about it, the more Raine believed that she wasn’t lying to him and that she was telling the truth from the beginning. But he pushed all those thoughts away, focusing on his first judgment. He would figure what was going on with Macy, no matter what and no matter how. 

 Minutes later, Raine knocked on Dalton’s door which swung open quickly. “Hey bro,” Dalton said with a smirk as he let Raine in. “What’s up?” 

“Nothing really. Haven’t seen you since like what … Wednesday.” 

“Got something to tell me I guess.” They sat down the couches, turning on Dalton’s game system. Well into a football game, Dalton spoke again, “What is it, man?” 

“What? Huh? Its nothing.” 

“Come on, you can tell me.” 

Raine hesitated, he forgot how he was planning on asking questions after thinking about what happened with Macy and so the next words he said were the first ones that came to mind. “Uh … I think I’m gonna ask Macy out tomorrow.” 

“What? You guys aren’t already dating?” Raine shook his head. “So you’re just hooking up?” Dalton was obviously jealous. 

“Yeah. Kinda. She came over earlier … but she was acting kind of weird. Have … have you talked to her later?” 

“No, no.” Dalton replied quickly and Raine raised an eyebrow, not trusting him. 

“You haven’t seen her at all?” 

“Nope. She steers clear of this place after what Brandon said, ya know.” 

“Yeah … but nothing’s actually happened here, right? You would tell us if Stan … or any of the other guys came over?” 

“Yeah, yeah. Of course.” Again, it was completely clear that he was lying.  

Raine paused for a moment, taking this all in. He tried a different approach. He paused long enough to make it seem like he was thinking before blurting out, “You did something to her, didn’t you?” 

“What? What are you talking about bro?” But Raine could see the smallest bit of panic cross Dalton’s face and that was enough of an answer for him. At that moment, he noticed how Dalton wasn’t making any snarky comments as they talked about Macy, like he normally would. Something was definitely up and Raine was determined to figure it all out. He only had one other idea … and he didn’t like it. Not at all. But if it got him his answers, he’s just have to deal.

The End

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