Tell Me What's Going On

Macy bit her lip; was she really about to tell Raine the truth about what happened with Dalton? Was she really about to take that chance? She tried to think logically. 

If she told Raine, he and Brandon would definitely pick a fight with Dalton and Stan. But Dalton would have the upper hand with Wesley and Liam. 

If she told Raine, Dalton would definitely find her and do something worst than what happened today. And Stan would let it happen. 

If she kept the truth from Brandon and Raine, no one would fight; Stan would get his money and everything would go back to normal. But not telling the truth meant having to live with Dalton still as a friend. Having to live with the three guys still being friends, despite everything that had happened. 

So what was she going to do? 

Macy looked into Raine’s eyes, so honest, so sweet unlike her. She was … she felt so filthy, unclean, and dishonest. She was a liar but she was lying to protect herself. That was extremely different than just lying to lie. 

“Macy, what’s going on? Did I hurt you?” 

“No,” she reassured him silently. Her hands were still wrapped around her side as she mumbled, “I got hurt today.” By Dalton. 

She still wasn’t sure if she was going to tell him the truth yet. “What happened?” 

Macy sighed, “I … I hit this side on a locker at school. And it still kind of hurts. It wasn’t your fault.” 

“Oh. Well I’ll get you some ice.” He got up from the floor but Macy grabbed his arm. 

“Wait. I … I don’t need any. I … I don’t want Brandon to freak later.” She joked, “He’ll think you did something to me.” 

Raine nodded slowly, “You’re right. Well … we don’t have to … ya know,” he chuckled, “You wanna go for a ride?” 

Macy smiled and nodded, secretly remembering that those were some of the first words he said to her. 

Minutes later, they sat side-by-side in his BMW X5. Raine hadn’t started the engine, he hadn’t moved since getting in. His hands tightened on the steering wheel though; there was something about this car that made the sexual tension between them greater. 

“How about the motorcycle?” Macy suggested and Raine agreed without a second thought. So she had felt it too, he thought to himself as they put on the helmets to go for a ride. 

Soon after, they were flying down the street at illegal speeds. Macy was beginning to enjoy the motorcycle as much as Raine did. She loved the feeling of freedom and exhilaration despite the illegal speeds. 

They ended up back at her house and decided on hanging with Brandon. They put in a movie, popped some popcorn and settled all together on the couch. Obviously though, no one was really watching the movie and a conversation about Dalton was started. 

“Why don’t you trust him?” Raine asked Brandon, his arm around Macy loosely.  

Brandon didn’t seem to mind that move though; he ignored it. “I don’t know. He’s just acting weird. He’s such a bad liar.” And he almost said it with a chuckle. “And I still don’t want you hanging out around there, Macy.” 

She rolled her eyes but on the inside she was shuddering, remembering what happened inside of Dalton’s place. “I know, I know. Not until you fix everything. And … when exactly will that be?” 

Brandon shrugged. “Once I can get to the bank to get the money out I guess.” 

“You’re really gonna pay Stan?” Raine said in disbelief. 

“Yeah. I just figured maybe everything will go make to normal afterwards.” Wrong, Macy thought to herself. Everything will not go back to normal but she kept her mouth shut. 

“How much is it again?” 

“Four hundred.” 

“Isn’t that money for college though?” Macy chimed in and Brandon nodded. 

“Yeah, but it’s not that much. Plus, mom and dad are giving me money even with my scholarship.” 

“Dad’s giving you money?” 

“He’s sending me money, Macy.” He told her quietly, signaling that this direction of the conversation was not something he wanted to talk about. 

“And … and once you give Stan the money,” Macy began, “Dalton will go back to being trustworthy?” 

“Yeah. I guess. He has been with us since freshman year.” And Raine nodded in agreement. 

“But for now he’s not trustworthy?” Macy went on. 

“Yeah. For now.” Brandon looked at her strangely. “Why do you care?” 

“I don’t,” she clarified quickly. “I don’t.” Oh but I do.

The End

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