Act It Out

"I can come back ..." Macy whispered but Raine ushered her inside. 

"No, its fine." He didn't give her any greetings toward his dad, instead just rushing her past him, down the hall into his bedroom. Once the door was closed and they were seated on his bed, Raine finally smiled. "Sorry ... if you heard any of that." She just nodded. "So ... what are you doing here?" 

"I wanted to see you. I got my friend to give me a ride from school. I wanted to ... surprise you." She smiled a crooked grin, "It didn't really work." 

"No, no. I'm surprised. Happy you came. How'd you know where I live?"

"Oh. Brandon told me," she lied easily and he nodded.

"Well, I really am happy to see you. You make my cloudy skies bright." She laughed at his corny words as he cradled her neck in the way that made her melt and kissed her lips gently. 

Macy gave him a quick peck before pulling out of his grasp but he acted like he hadn't noticed. "So ... what's up?" 

Raine rolled his eyes, "Nothing much. My dad's being a dick." 

"Yeah," Macy whispered, "I kinda heard."

"How ... how much did you hear?" Raine asked, trying to sound unbothered. 

"Oh not much," she reassured him. "Barely anything." 

"Okay. That's good." He smiled and she smiled back but Raine could tell that something was wrong. Macy wasn't being her normal confident, flirty self. 

"Soooo ..." she began. 

"Do you wanna be kissable today? 'Cause I sure hope the answer to that is a yes." Raine joked and Macy fake-laughed. "That normally would have charmed you. What's wrong?"  

Uh oh, Macy thought, he's gonna figure out something's really wrong. She turned into a flirt with a little giggle behind her hand. "Nothing's wrong. I've been waiting for those words." That at least seemed like a real response ... though it wasn't. Raine laughed, getting up from the bed to lock his bedroom door. "Your parents won't get mad if you lock the door?" 

"No." He shrugged, "I think the only person that'd have a problem with this would be Brandon." 

Macy smirked as Raine sat back down next to her. "Guess he'll just have to deal." He chuckled quietly before leaning into her. His lips touched hers softly, as if he was unsure over whether she really wanted to kiss him. But once they were pressed together, it was like a wild fire spreading. A burning desire. For Raine at least. 

Macy had quite the different direction of thoughts going on in her mind: Today, after being assaulted by Dalton, I really don't wanna feel your hands all over me. Today, after what Dalton did, I don't think I can handle your hands on me, your lips against mine. 

Still, this was a part of keeping up the act, and that was something she was determined to do. Gradually, Raine started moving back toward the headboard and he lay down, still kissing her the whole time. Internally, Macy felt unsettled but on the outside she put up a good mask. She straddled Raine like she had in the car but it didn't feel right this time. Nothing felt right this time. 

"You okay?" Raine asked between kisses after seeing Macy's strange expression upon opening his eyes. 

"I'm fine," she whispered against his lips, breathing in his smoky sweet smell that she would have normally loved. Leisurely, Raine lifted Macy up from the bed and then placed her on her back tenderly so he was on top. His hands trailed up and down her body, like normal, but in Macy's mind they were Dalton's hands. 

At one point, he squeezed her where all the bruises were present and a little cry of pain escaped from her lips. Raine mistook it for something else though ... he continued on kissing her. Even from the look on his face, Macy knew he was blissful and she didn't want to ruin it for him but his hands squeezing her were really beginning to hurt. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to hold back the convulsion that was itching to break through her perfectly structured act. But her body gave in once and another groan of pain made Raine stop. 

"Macy," he whispered, jumping up quickly. Her hands gripped her side but no amount of pressure, no amount of anything could stop the aching. "Macy," Raine's voice was in panic as she sat up from the bed. "I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?" She shook her head but tears were already starting to sprout. Raine's arms were instantly around her, holding her sweetly. "I'm sorry," he repeated but she didn't answer, her tears were already staining his grey shirt. 

"Its ... not ... you." she finally said between sobs. To hell with Dalton and his idea of secrets ... she could pay for it later. 

"Wait what?" Raine pulled her away from his chest and she looked up reluctantly. The water works streaming down her face made her mascara run black and Raine handed her a tissue from the nightstand. He sat her down on the bed and kneeled at her feet as she cleaned up her face. "Macy, what are you talking about?"

The End

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