Macy didn't turn back to see if Stan had driven off once she was walking up the sidewalk. She was extremely PO'ed, but it was time to put on a mask and for it to be believable, she needed to forget about what Stan had admitted to her. Then again, there were many things about the day that she wanted to forget ... 

Just before she rang the doorbell of the blue house, there was a loud crash and bickering that became louder and louder. Raine was disagreeing with his parents and Macy could hear everything clearly. 

"You should just get the hell out of here!" Raine screamed. 

"Don't talk to your father like that," his mother whispered. 

But Raine snarled at her, "No. I have no idea who that man is." 

His dad piped in, "What do you want from me, Raine?" 

"I want you to leave us alone! Walk out that d*mn door and don't ever come back!"

"You all are my family. Where am I supposed to go?"

"To hell. But until then take your d*mn car and head on back to California! I don't care! Just get out my life!" 

"I'm here because I wanna be a part of your life!" the man argued back. 

"No you're not! You're here because you think new stuff is gonna make up for all the time you've missed! But its not! You will never be able to make it up to me." 

His mother sighed and outside, Macy hesitated at the door. She already had a story prepared but she felt weird about ringing the doorbell in the middle of this family crisis. Plus, she wasn't sure if she could handle Raine angry. She'd been around enough of that kind of energy for the day, but the arguing continued. 

"I can't just leave, Raine. What about your brother? What is Rob gonna say once I'm gone?" 

"Rob will be fine. He's always been fine. Without you he's been fine." Raine hissed and Macy flinched at how much hate was in his voice. 

"No he won't. He's barely even twelve." His dad argued back. 

"He's fourteen," Raine snarled and an awkward silence followed only to be broken by Raine's mother. 

"I just wish you too would just stop arguing. This has gone on long enough." But no one answered her. 

Macy leaned against the doorframe; it was the perfect timing to ring the bell but she couldn't will herself to do it. Through the next silence, Raine spoke quietly. "Just get out of here. And don't ever come back." 

"You don't mean that," his father muttered. 

"I sure as hell do! You heard me before! Take your sh*t and get out of this house! Visiting hours are over!" At that moment, Macy got the courage to ring their doorbell. "Oh who is that now?!" Raine snarled, "A new jet ski?!" He stomped past his dad to the door and once it opened, all traces of anger left his face. "Macy." he said softly.

The End

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