A Deal With The Devil

"So ... are you still stuck?" Macy asked, though she really had no idea where he was going with this. 

But Stan nodded. "Somewhat. I still am ... somewhat." He threw his hands up in frustration, "This is so hard to explain." 

"Well ... what do you need the money for? I mean, what could you possibly need four hundred dollars for?" He was silent. "Stan," she mumbled. 

"It's nothing." 

"It can't just be nothing," she tried to reason but he shook his head. 

"Alright, that's true. Its not. Just ... don't freak, okay? You seem like a pretty chill girl ... but don't go crazy when I tell you ..." 

"I won't." 

Stan took a deep breath, looking away. He suddenly seemed very uncomfortable as he silently said, "I need the money for bail." 

"Bail," she repeated, "You got arrested?" She worked on keeping all judgment off her face though he wasn't even looking at her. 

"Yeah. But it was over something stupid. Unimportant." 

An awkward silence followed but Macy couldn't help but ask the one question on her mind. "Stan. What happened?" 

He scratched the back of his neck, finally looking up at her. "Me and my buddy were street racing one night. That's all." But Macy could tell that wasn't the whole story. She waited, hoping he'd say more and slowly, he did. "It wasn't me. I didn't hurt anybody ... but when we were going down the hill ... running red lights ... a car came out of no where and ... I swerved so I wouldn't hit it and the dude I was racing swerved too ... so I wouldn't hit him ... but he ... he ran up on the sidewalk ... and hit someone jogging." 

"Oh my god," Macy gushed, "Was he hurt?" and at that moment Stan's eyes glazed over in that calm but angry way. 

He cleared his throat and muttered, "Macy, we were both going maybe somewhere over 100. What do you think?" she didn't answer him but he continued talking, "So ... I need that money. We both got arrested but I got off easy because I didn't ... I didn't ..." his voice trailed off, "The Judge gave me a couple weeks to pay it all off ... and I'm three hundred short." 

"And Dalton gave you the idea, didn't he? And he gets a hundred out of this." 

"And ..." Stan whispered. "If I'm being completely honest with you ... there's more ..." 

"And what?" Macy asked. 

"And ... he also gets a chance to mess around with you ..." She turned away quickly, her anger so instantly intense, she didn't at all trust her voice. "Before you say ... look, Macy ... I didn't know you." 

"It doesn't matter," she snarled, still not turning back to face him. "That doesn't matter at all. You made a deal with Dalton so you can get your money. And you were okay with whatever Dalton planned. Whether it hurt someone or not ... whether it hurt me.

He almost tried to say sorry but then stopped himself. "I was willing to do anything for that money." 

"Anything includes letting Dalton ..." she couldn't even finish her sentence. "Take me to Raine's house." 

"Macy look, I'm sor-" 

She spun around to glare at him, her fierce expression cutting his apology short. "I said take me to Raine's." Stan started the Jeep and drove back to the house reluctantly. 

As she got out the car quickly, he tried to convince her, "I didn't know you before." But she shut the door on him just as he whispered, "Everything's changed now."

The End

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