Tell A Lie, Tell A Secret

Stan secretly watched Macy as she got ready. He had finally got the chance to really look at her and she appeared so ... delicate and fragile through his eyes. He felt as if with only one touch, she'd break into a million pieces. 

But he soon changed his mind. 

As Macy leaned down to retrieve her purse from the floor in front of her, her shirt rode up slightly, revealing what looked like an abstract painting of rainbow colors. In truth, the bruises that dotted her body where more in the range of deep purples and blues, but the colors didn't matter much to Stan. A bruise was a bruise. 

Macy leaned forward farther, stretching her dancer's body to reach something that fell from her purse. Her shirt traveled up some more, exposing more battered skin that made Stan clench his teeth together loudly. 

So loudly it made Macy jump, hitting her head on the edge of the dashboard. "Ouch." She sat up straight, rubbing the back of her head while glancing at a randomly angry Stan. "What?" 

Stan shook his head quickly, putting a hand over his mouth. "Nothing." But it came out like a hiss, making Macy raise her eyebrows. 

"What?" she repeated louder as if he hadn't heard her the first time. 

"It's nothing. Nothing," he worked on settling down his voice. "Seriously nothing." He then made the decision that saying something to her would be crossing the line. She'd see the damage soon enough ... unless she already knew. And if that was the case, Stan would forever respect her as the amazing actress who could downplay injuries with excellence. 

He closed his eyes as Macy flipped down the visor to look into the mirror. She inspected her face and added some blush to her cheeks. They were equally rosy after that, even if one was the result of a slap. Then Macy fluffed her hair and fixed her clothes. She hadn't noticed before but Dalton had messed with her clothes, twisting her plaid skirt so the front part was on her side. Strangely enough, she hadn't remembered him doing it, just remembered seeing the change later. Then again, it's easier to lie to yourself over anyone else ... maybe Macy was just some superb liar, along with her acting. 

She sighed audibly, making Stan open his eyes. "What's wrong?" he pondered. Since seeing all the discoloring Dalton had caused, he felt very sorry for her but also oddly guilty, like it was his fault. He did owe her ... 

 "I don't know how I'm going to do this." She muttered as he sat up in his seat. 

"Do what?" 

"Lie to Raine." 

"It can't be that hard. You've only known the guy for about a week, right?" But Macy didn't answer him. Even if it was just one week, it felt like so much more. 

"Okay ... let's go," she said after a few minutes of silence. Placing on her confident Macy face, she turned to Stan. "I'm ready." 

He pulled the Jeep into drive and then stopped again up the block but Macy made no movements toward getting out of the car, her confident self gone in the 60 seconds it took to move. 

"Um ... thanks for your help," she whispered, placing her hand on the door handle without actually opening it. Stan nodded. "So I'll ... see you later ..." She started to open the door but Stan's hands coming down hard on the steering wheel stopped her. 

"Get in." he said suddenly. 

She turned back to him. "What?" 

"I said ... get ... back in." Macy looked at him hesitantly, questioning his sanity. His expression looked abruptly different. Far from the normal angry ones or just the calm and bored ones; he looked generally excited about something. What's going on? Macy wanted to ask him. She wanted to know ... so she closed the door back and then Stan was speeding up the street. He parked the car a ways up the road, out of sight of Raine's house. 

"What's going on?" 

But he didn't reply. Stan turned off the engine and then moved to face her. "Okay ... so do you know what its like to be ... stuck somewhere?" 


"Yeah, stuck. Like ... can't move, can't change what's going on." She started to understand slowly. 

"You're gonna tell me your secret." Macy stated, trying to hide her gracious smile. 

But Stan smiled back at her, the newfound emotion breaking completely through his normal expressions. "Yeah. I am."

The End

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