Get Ready For The Raine

Fifteen minutes later, Macy was sitting in the passenger seat of Stan's Jeep with a pack of ice pressed to her cheek. 

"You're gonna be able to cover that up with something, right?" Stan asked hesitantly at a red light. "Otherwise, Raine will probably ask questions." 

"I can cover it." Macy reassured. She wasn't in the mood for talking; it was time to get her story straight. She needed to think up a believable lie. She had to tell Raine once she got to his place and she needed to replay the same story for Brandon later. It was a lot to remember, judging by the fact that she could hardly focus. 

"What'd he do to you?" Stan asked in a whisper after Macy was halfway through cooking up her lie. 

"Could you maybe not ask me questions like that? Thanks." Her voice was harsh. 

"You have to tell me," Stan replied and instantly she flinched. His tone sounded like an order and it made Macy unwillingly think of Dalton ...  

"And why do I have to tell you?" 

"'Cause ... when I get back there, Dalton's gonna be ... bragging. And I wanna kill him for the right reason." 

"Sorry Stan, that's not something I wanna talk about." 

"I know. But it's ... its important." 

"Why would you wanna get back at him anyway? You let it happen. You're part of it ..." her voice trailed off as his hands tightened on the steering wheel. Still, he didn't answer her. 

After a couple more blocks though, Stan finally spoke. "Look Macy, it's a little bit more complicated than that. And I can't explain it either. And ... I don't want this to turn into an argument. You've ... you've been through enough today." 

"What? Why? See? There you go again ... being all nice. What is it? Is there something about him that ... draws you in?" 

"No." Stan said with a glare, remembering how he had explained Dalton to her earlier. 

"Then what?" 

"I can't tell you. Its complicated and you wouldn't understand-" 

"Why wouldn't I understand?" She cut him off. "Why can't you just be honest with me? You owe me that much. And anyway-" 

"I don't owe you anything." 

Macy's teeth clenched together and in a soft voice, she pointed out, "You do too owe me. You. You let Dalton ... hurt ... me." Her face contorted as she said that word. "You owe me." 

Stan was silence at first but he muttered fiercely, "I didn't let Dalton do anything. I didn't tell him to do ... anything. And I don't have to tell you anything. I don't owe you ... anything." The expression on his face made it clear he was trying to convince himself as well as her. 

"Why can't you just tell me?" Macy continued to bicker, but in a much quieter tone. 

Stan sighed loudly. "I just ... can't. If I tell you ..." 

"Yeah?" She almost leaned closer to him, ready to agree to his terms for explaining whatever this secret was. 

"... I'd have to kill you." He mumbled and Macy couldn't figure out if he was serious or not until he smirked. "That was a joke."

She nodded at him, pulling out an obvious fake smile as Stan just rolled his eyes.

"Never mind. Guess you didn't think it was funny." He parked the Jeep alongside a curb. "And here we are. 108 Miller Lane. Raine's house is there." He pointed up the block to a light blue house and then unbuckled his seatbelt, reclining the chair. "I figured I'd give you some time to fix your ... ya know." 

He put his hands behind his head and Macy didn't care for arguing anymore. She needed to get ready to put on a show; a show she wasn't very excited about starring in.

The End

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