The Knight

In minutes, Macy gave up her fight against Dalton. There was a small insane thought in her mind that maybe if she let him win, he'd hurry it up. Do what he wanted to and then let her go.

When his lips left hers though, she managed a weak plead, "Dalton ... please .." 

"Please what?" he taunted, his tongue gliding up her slowly. She focused on not thinking about what he was doing to her but it was difficult ... 

"You'll ... you'll regret it," she tried to convince him. 

"Regret what? I've got absolutely no regrets right now. Besides, you really think I have that type of conscience? Well I don't." 

Macy sighed and closed her eyes, trying even harder not to think things through clearly. She didn't want to remember what he was doing. She didn't want these actions stuck in her mind forever ... though they would be. Some more time passed and Macy decided to try again. "Dalton," she whispered in his ear, as her lips happened to be there after he changed positions. 

"What?" he growled. 

She bit her lip, searching for an ounce of confidence inside of her. "Please ... stop," she begged, "Stop trying to get into my pants." 

"Technically, you're not wearing any pants, Macy." But she didn't answer his comment and he continued on, "But that's okay. I like skirts better. Easy access." He changed positions again, giving Macy the right amount of space to hit him. She didn't waste any time. Her tiny fist punched him as hard as she could. It didn't do much; only move him a little ways away from her but she was content. For the moment. 

Dalton's reflexes were unfortunately quick. His hand smacked her face quickly and she cried out loud before sliding to the carpet floor. He stood over her, suddenly satisfied. Dalton started to lift his foot and Macy whimpered, "Don't." She held her blazing cheek, waiting for more pain, expecting it. 

The door opened instead, a wonderful sound to her ears. Along with the yell that came from Stan. "Get away from her," he roared but Dalton didn't budge. However, Stan did not seem like the type of person to take "no" for an answer. He crossed the room and shoved Dalton roughly, "I said move! Get out!" 

Stan ushered Dalton to the door, keeping his backside to Macy, acting like a shield. Once her attacker was gone though, he turned back, looking down sadly. 

"I shouldn't have let it go that far." He whispered. He actually felt bad ... weird. 

"It's okay." Macy replied, getting up from the floor. She walked past him, moving to sit on the bench at the end of Dalton's bed. 

"No its not. He hit you. Now you're hurt ..." Stan spun toward her, leaning close enough to inspect the red side of her face. 

"I was hurt before," she argued but then realized that probably wasn't helping him feel any better. "I mean ..." 

"Don't worry about it." He cut her off. "I'll just ... I'll get you some ice. And ... give you a ride?" It came out like a question. 

"Yeah." Macy nodded slowly as Stan started for the door. "Wait," she called out and he turned to face her. 


"Can you ... uh you can take me to Raine's, right?" 

"Yeah. I can. I know where it is." 

"Okay," she muttered and he left the room, leaving the door open this time. Even with it opened and Macy unprotected with it open, she suddenly felt safe. 

Her knight in shining armor had arrived, even if it was the someone she would have least expected.

The End

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