Keep A Secret

Once Stan was gone, Macy slid down the wall to the floor, trying to figure out what to do next. With her sides and stomach in so much pain, she definitely wouldn't be able to climb out Dalton's window. Plus, she dropped her purse when she was attacked by the door and her phone was inside of it. But still, Macy wasn't really in the mood to wait around for another beating. 

She set her head in her hands, trying to convince herself that crying would do her no good. She could cry once she got away ... once she was safe. 

Macy closed her eyes in frustration as the door opened and closed. "No one's coming to rescue you?" Dalton taunted and Macy's head snapped up to glare at him. 

"Shut up." 

"Oh no. I wanna enjoy this." He sat down in the rolling desk chair. "So who's your superhero, Macy?" She didn't answer and he shrugged his shoulders. "Well I guess it doesn't really matter. I wanna be the joker anyway." 

He got up from the chair, moving to stand over Macy as she resisted the urge to cringe.

"Come on ... I can't do anything with you way down there." He paused, "Then again ..." Dalton reached toward his pants and suddenly Macy had all the strength she needed to get up. 

"Don't you dare touch me," she snapped, pushing at his shoulder while he laughed. 

"I won't hurt you anymore." Dalton reassured her, "Just as soon as you do something for me." 

"What do you want?" she asked unwilling but his answer was not was she expected. 

"All I want ... for now ... is a promise." 

"For now." She repeated and he smiled a "yes". 

"Promise me ... you'll really keep this our little secret. Put on a good face for the guys. A believable one. Okay?" 

She nodded slowly as Dalton's hand crept up her thigh, making goose bumps sprout all over her. 

"You'll promise me, won't you?" He whispered in Macy's face so his breath tickled her. She focused on keeping her eyes down, though she probably could look him in the eye and lie. "You can't say it out loud?" 

She sighed, before looking up into his eyes while he waited for an answer. There was practically no distance between them and Macy had the strange feeling that if she opened her mouth to speak, it'd somehow end up pressed against Dalton's-and she did not want that. But he was waiting, "Not with our faces this close," she muttered, turning her mouth sideways. 

"Why? You afraid I'm gonna kiss you?" 

"I'd rather die." 

"Some sex could probably be more easily arranged." 

"Oh shut up," she snarled and then Dalton laughed, pressing his lips to hers. 

Macy tried to push him away but he trapped her against the wall. She shoved at his hands; the hands moving slowly, forcefully up her skirt, making her feel so abruptly weak. She couldn't fight him off; he was a lot stronger, but Macy wasn't the type to just give up. Even with his mouth blocking the screams coming from hers, she continued to struggle, attempting freedom. 

And soon enough, Macy was asking the same question Dalton had: who was her superhero? 

And when would he be rushing into rescue her?

The End

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