The Set-up

Dalton closed the front door behind Macy quickly and then the light from outside was completely gone. Macy couldn’t see a thing, but she knew at any moment, someone would be charging at her. 

She had caught herself before falling to the floor and now stood up, walking around in circles—waiting for something; something she wasn’t sure of. And suddenly, hands grabbed her from behind as she screamed out loud. They were big and rough, very unlike Dalton. These hands had to belong to someone other than him. They covered her mouth as she screamed and another pair of hands gripped down on her shoulders. She still hadn’t realized how many she was up against. 

But when one hand slipped off Macy’s mouth, she snapped, “Lemme go!” She struggled against whoever was holding her down but they were obviously much stronger. She could tell they were starting down the short hallway to Dalton’s room. Without having a real sense of where she was going, she knew that this must have been the plan. Raine probably wasn’t even here. He probably didn’t even know she was. It was all just a set-up. 

All of a sudden, the hands holding her dropped her to the floor in Dalton’s room. She landed uncomfortably on her side and fought herself not to cry out in pain. The worst was yet to come … 

A foot kicked her in the side and she screamed loudly. “Oh my god! Stop it! Stop!” She knew it was Dalton. She knew without even being able to see. He struck her again and when she shut her eyes quickly, tears rolled down her cheeks. “Stop. Please.” 

“Not a chance,” he whispered viciously with a chuckle. His foot flew at Macy again, making her gasp. 

“Dalton … please …” she begged, crouching down on her hands and knees. 

“No … I’ve actually been kinda waiting for this moment. The chance to kick you when you’re already down.” He swung back and kicked again like he was some football player. Dalton paused randomly but Macy was ready this time. She braced herself for the pain this time around. 

Seconds later though, the light switched on. Macy looked up at Dalton who stood by the door, his hand on the wall switch. “I … hate … you.” She snarled and Dalton grinned, walking back toward her. 

He stood over her and held out his hand as Macy stared curiously at it. “Take it.” Her eyes narrowed but she was afraid he’d hit again so she took it. He helped her up from the floor but then started backing her up against the double closet doors. 

“You’re with Stan, aren’t you?” she asked, holding one arm around her burning torso. 

“Yeah.” A small smirk that Macy hated so much. 

“Why? You’re Brandon’s friend.” 

Dalton shrugged, reaching for her wrist. “It worked out perfectly actually. Better than we thought.” 

“To set him up?” He nodded, pulling her arm from across her stomach and pinning it to the wall over her head. She flinched but made no movements against him. 

“Oh yeah. You may think I don’t know anything about your money but I do. Sure, Brandon tried hard to hide it … but I’ve seen your house, Macy. I can just see how much money you have. And if you don’t mind, I want some of it.” 

“I mind,” she argued, her free arm’s fist balling up tightly. 

“And I don’t care. We want some money.” 

“We?” she asked. 

“Stan. And the guys.” 

“The guys?” She decided on playing dumb. 

“Wesley and Liam, Macy. Keep up.” He leaned into her, trailing up from her chest to her rosy cheek as she shivered involuntarily. Macy closed her eyes, ready for whatever he was about to do. Instead, he pulled away from her face and she opened her eyes reluctantly. “But I’m gonna need you to keep this our little secret.” 

“Why should I?” 

Dalton leaned back into her and placed his lips at her ear, “Because you … have no idea what I could do to you.” A hand traveled somewhat up her skirt as he finished but the door opened, making him remove it. 

“I asked you to talk to her … not assault her.” Someone pointed out and as Macy looked, she knew right away that this was Stan.

The End

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