It's Going Down

It was Friday morning, the last day of school. Macy and Brandon agreed that she shouldn’t skip out on the last day as a sophomore. 

“So I’ll pick you up at … what time?” Brandon asked Macy as they sat in the school’s parking lot. 

“We get out at 1:30 today but don’t worry about coming. I’ll probably call Raine.” 

“Okay. Fine. But call me if you need a ride. And if Raine’s going to Dalton’s—” 

She cut him off, “I’m not. I got it. I just don’t understand what’s wrong with Dalton … beside the obvious.” 

Brandon opened his mouth to explain just as the first bell sounded. “You don’t wanna be late,” he muttered, “I’ll just tell you later, okay?” 

“Sure. See ya.” She climbed out of the car and headed into school.


After the last bell rang, announcing true summertime, Macy was quick to call Raine’s phone. She was almost too excited to contain herself. 

“Hey,” she replied as soon as Raine picked up. “Can you come pick me up from school?” 

“Oh hey. Actually it’s Dalton. Raine kinda … fell asleep.” 

“He fell asleep? In the middle of the day?” 

“Well we were kinda … drinking.” 

“He’s drunk … in the middle of the day? Are you guys insane?” 

Macy could practically see Dalton shrugging. “He was pissed about his dad and all. So ya know, he needed a little pick-me-up. And I happened to have some. But I can give you a ride if you want.” 

“Uh … I’m not sure,” she whispered. “Lemme think for a second.” Macy was sure of two things. One, that letting Dalton pick her up was not a good idea. And two, that Brandon definitely wouldn’t approve, but Dalton couldn’t possibly be so horrible that he couldn’t give her a ride. And if it just so happened that they ended up at his place, Macy would make sure not to be put in a situation where anything could take place. Plus, Raine would be there … 

Ten minutes later Dalton pulled up to the school, reaching over to open the passenger side door for Macy. She smiled a “hey” and jumped inside, putting on her seatbelt. 

“So what’s up?” Macy asked as Dalton left the school parking lot and headed toward his place. He shrugged—of course. 

“Nothing much. Stan never came around today.” 

“Where’s Brandon?” 

“Uh … I’m not sure. He left earlier and I haven’t seen him since.” 

“So he’s not at your house?” Dalton shook his head. “Okay good. He’ll be pissed if I’m there.” 


“At your place.” Macy rolled her eyes. “He still doesn’t want me hanging around there.” 

Dalton laughed uncertainly. “Don’t know what his problem is.” But as he said those words though, his eyes narrowed and his hands tightened on the steering wheel. 

“You should work on you’re lying.” Macy said bluntly and Dalton stared at her momentarily before breaking down with laughter. 

“You’re kidding, right?” He gave her the puppy dog look. “You don’t trust me?” 

Macy bit her lip, pushing his shoulder. “Oh shut up.” An awkward silence followed and then no one spoke until pulling up into the driveway. Macy noticed that neither Raine’s car nor bike were there. “Is Raine still here?” 

Dalton nodded, “Yeah. I picked him up this morning. He’s probably still sleeping or something.” 

“Oh okay.” Macy was beginning not to believe him anymore. Maybe Brandon was right this time … but it didn’t matter, she could handle herself. 

They got out of the car together and headed up to the front door. Dalton opened it for Macy and at that moment she noticed that Dalton wasn’t being his nasty-commenting self. He was acting strangely nice … or something like it. But when she stepped over the threshold, she knew she’d just put herself into a bad situation. The entire house was pitch black. In the light, Dalton’s place looked extremely tiny but in the dark, it seemed to stretch on for miles. 

“Um … Dalton …” she whispered and then he pushed her forward into the shadows.

Down, down … 


The End

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