Romeo And Juliet

Raine's new car was amazing through Macy's eyes but he hated it. He loved the motorcycle for its freedom. He enjoyed the idea of living life on the edge, of having the chance of getting hurt. But he mostly loved his bike because if he could survive on something like that, almost anything was possible. 

He explained this to Macy as they sped through the streets of Orlando. With a vehicle like this, Raine couldn't feel the wind against his face or the sun beating down on him. And with a vehicle like this, there was absolutely no need for his "bad boy" leather jacket. He didn't admit that though. Absolutely not. 

After a couple minutes of silence, Macy spoke up. "Truth?" she asked. 

Raine grinned widely. "Sure. It's your turn I think." 

She nodded slowly, trying to form a reasonable question in her mind. No luck on focus. Macy barely cared for the question; she just enjoyed the idea of talking with Raine, of sharing this one thing that was only theirs. "Okay. I got it. What's your biggest fear?" 

Raine slowed at a red light, placing one hand on his chin. "Hmm, I think it'd be ... losing the ones I love. I mean, sure, my dad is frustrating but I'd be ... crushed if something happened to him, ya know. No matter what he does, he's still my dad." 

Macy nodded again. "I understand what you mean. You still ... care about him ... despite ..." 

"All the extremely stupid things he does." Nevertheless, Macy thought she saw a hint of a smile with that irritated voice. 

"Ask me something," Macy pressed on as the light changed to green and the car advanced forward. 

"So you ... did you ... lie to me about the virgin thing? I mean, at first?" Raine pondered as Macy bit her lip and looked out the dark window. 

"Kinda." She was nervous about how his opinion of her would change after her tiny white lie. 

"Because you care what I think," was not the reply she was expecting. And even though she wasn't looking at him, she could hear the teasing within his voice. 

Turning back to push his shoulder playfully, "Shut up." A giggle and a brush back of her curls-both motions in which Raine committed to memory. There were a lot of things he'd come to enjoy about Macy, such as those two things but one thing was for certain, there was definitely much more than just a top ten list. 


"I'm kinda bored ..." Macy muttered, looking up from under her lashes as Raine drove around town. 

He shrugged with a smile, "And how shall I un-bore you, my dear?" 

"Who are you? Romeo?" 

He laughed and nodded. "Yes. And you're my Juliet." Macy giggled behind her hand along with him as he stopped for an unnaturally long time at a stop sign. 

"Can your Juliet get a kiss?" She leaned over anyway (without an answer) planting one on him and making it impossible for him not to give in. 

He tried to pull away but Macy cupped his face. "Macy ... Macy ..." He struggled to say while kissing, something he couldn't help but enjoy. But a car behind them honked its horn, making the lovebirds zoom away from the sign quickly. 

"Raine." Macy said softly, running her hand up and down his arm. 

"Macy." His hands gripped the steering wheel, trying to focus on driving and driving alone. 

"Raine ..." she said seductively. 

"Macy ..." 

"So ... where are we going?" He didn't answer, instead pulling into the closest empty parking lot in front of an abandoned building. 

He didn't even bother picking a spot, just stopped the car randomly, put it in park and reached over the center console to kiss Macy again. 

"Thought I was only dateable?" Macy challenged between kisses and Raine laughed against her lips. 

"Oh, you're kissable too." She giggled, trying to get herself closer to him and instantly, Raine got the "hint, hint". He shoved his seat back as far as it would go and Macy climbed over, straddling his lap. 

She leaned in, pressing her body to his while his hands roamed slowly over her. But as she bent back, her butt honked the horn and they both burst into loud laughter. She moved the mess of her curls from around her eyes, unable to stop cackling. Raine couldn't stop either, his entire body shaking, causing Macy to shake with him. 

When their snickers finally died down, Macy looked into Raine's eyes seriously, like she was about to say something important. He waited and she muttered, "You're a really good kisser." 

And that brought on another round of hysterics, letting Raine ponder his first judgment of the new car.

The End

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