Mixed Emotions

Thirty minutes later, the front door opened and Macy's face turned from calm and flirty to panicking. "My mom's home," she whispered to Raine, standing up as a woman with an almost identical face walked in and glared at Macy.

"Honey!" her mother yelled, "I told you I'm having guest over today! You've got to get out of here! Don't you remember I told you this morning?!"

"Um. No, sorry. I guess I forgot." Macy looked down embarrassingly just as Raine stood up and slid his hand into hers.

Her mom ignored that though. "Take your little friend and go. I don't want to see you around this house for the next couple of hours. I've got to get ready. And if you talk to Brandon, tell him the same because he and his wild friends will end up here looking for food. And I don't want that." She rubbed her temple, finally glancing at Raine. "And who are you?"

"It's um Raine, Ms. Summers. I'm a friend of Macy's and Brandon's. We've met before." He walked forward to shake her hand and she slightly smiled. It was obvious though that she wasn't paying attention to any of the words he said.

"Ah, a gentleman." Raine nodded but then she frowned. "Well, nice to meet you and all but you know ..." her voice trailed off and she glanced at Macy, a clear "get out" written all over her face. Macy rushed upstairs to her room to get her keys and purse.

She left Raine downstairs momentarily and her mother stared him down, clearly judging him by the outside appearance only. But Macy returned quickly, grabbed Raine's hand and pulled him outside without a goodbye. "Sorry," she apologized once they were inside of her car, flying down the street at a very unsafe speed.

"It's okay." He looked out the window and an awkward silence followed. "Wanna go on with the game?" he asked after a while but Macy shook her head. It looked like she was right on the edge before breaking down into tears. "Hey, its okay ... are you okay?"

She nodded, sniffling. "Yeah. It's just ..." but she couldn't finish the sentence, instead pulling to the side of the road as sobs took over her body.

"Hey," Raine murmured, "Its okay. Whatever is happening between you two will get better."

"No it won't." she snarled, looking at him with red eyes. "I don't think she's ever going to forgive me."

"She'll forgive you, Macy. She'll understand." He tried to convince her but she didn't argue anymore, just resting her head on his shoulder. He unbuckled her seat belt so he could wrap his arms around her body, fitting her snuggly into him. A perfect match in fact.

After collecting herself, Macy pulled back into the street while Raine's fingers kept themselves wrapped around hers. "Um ... thanks," she whispered, sneaking a glance in his direction.

He nodded. "So ... uh where are we going?"

Macy shrugged theatrically. "I have no idea. We could always go to ..."

"No. We're not showing up at Dalton's house. Nice try," he interrupted before she could even get the words out.

"Naw, I think we are." She took a left and there was no way for Raine to stop her unless he wanted to get them into an accident.

"Macy, come on. You know what Brandon said. And he'll get pissed at me for letting you show up."

"So? Let him be mad."

"You of all people should understand me not wanting someone to stay mad at me." She didn't answer him; following the already familiar street to Dalton's house. "Macy, come on. Turn around. You really don't want me to do something."

"Why? Because you're a BA?" She joked with a smile but Raine just rolled his eyes.

"Okay. I warned you." And then his hands left hers and his strong arms grabbed her waist and started pulling her over the center console.

"Stop! Stop! Oh my god! Raine!" Macy screamed as the car swerved a little until she got her hands back on the wheel. She went into panic mood, her smile fading as Raine sat back in the passenger seat smugly. "Oh my god. That wasn't funny, Raine."

He shrugged, "It's just what us BA's do." But Macy didn't find any humor within his joke and silence filled the car. "Okay. I'm sorry. Just ... drive past Dalton's into the neighborhood." She didn't reply but followed his instructions, stopping the car by a random mailbox.

Macy turned off her beetle and twisted her body to face him. "Fine." A grumble. "We won't go to Dalton's." Raine smiled, reaching for her hands again.

"I really am sorry," he whispered against her cheek and her eyes closed longingly. In seconds, he'd be forgiven. Raine pressed his lips to hers once, twice and then pulled away to make sure she was smiling again.

She was.

The End

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