Tell Me The Truth

When it started raining at the mall, Macy and Raine headed back to her house. She was silent on the drive over and that worried Raine a little bit. Even in the small amount of time they'd known each other, it was obvious they both cared very much about the other.

After settling with popcorn, a movie they didn't plan on watching and low lights, the game of Truth began again. Raine popped a handful into his mouth and then settled in close to Macy on her massive sofa inside her massive house. He had already asked all the basic questions about her wealth but she ignored each one. Obviously, Brandon hadn't explained the extremeness of their mother's job but Macy wasn't about to either. Eventually, Raine would give up. And he did.

"What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you?" he wondered in Truth and when she didn't answer for a while he added on, "No lying," with a smile.

Macy sighed, "Okay ... fine. My mom ... walked in on me having sex ... er well, almost having it with my boyfriend last year." She whispered in a rush and Raine freaked out.

"Whoa!" he screamed, "So that's what you wouldn't tell me at the mall."

"I didn't want you to yell and freak out ... like you just did." She replied calmly.

"Huh. And like you did when I told you about Stella?"

"Oh. Yeah. Kinda." A small smile crept to her lips and he couldn't help but grin as well. "Well that's the worst for me. Now you know. And I give you permission to laugh."

Just as those words left her lips, Raine burst out into loud chuckles as she slapped his shoulder. He tried to talk between chortles, "That's ... just ... the worst! I don't think I could even handle that. What did your mom say?"

"She hated me for the longest time. But I said I'd do anything if she didn't tell Brandon because he's sometimes like my dad. A pain in the a$s. So she made me help her out with her work and I was grounded forever but then eventually, she just ... got over it I guess. But I think she's secretly still mad."

"Macy, your mom couldn't have hated you."

"You didn't see her face for a whole month straight." She argued back. "And you don't see her expression every single morning."

"Ouch. Okay, true." He opened his mouth for a moment and then closed it, trying to find the right words to say next. Macy waited until he finally pointed out, "So ... you said almost." She nodded slowly, not answering him. "So you haven't ..." She shook her head and he just nodded, shoving popcorn down his throat like a caveman.

There was an awkward silence that followed but Raine knew what was coming next. "We could-" but he cut her off.

"Not talk about this. Yeah." He completely closed that topic with that voice and made it clear that his answer was a "no." At least for now. Still, in the back of his mind he was considering: maybe if I get to know her ... but then he cursed himself internally for even thinking about that. Once he chewed and swallowed more popcorn, "Okay. Ask me something?"

"What's your family like?"

"Ugh, anything but that."

"If you pass, you lose," she reminded him though they both knew he wouldn't.

So Raine sighed loudly and began to tell his background, "My dad split too but he comes around a lot. Trying to bribe me and stuff."

"Bribe you?"

"To leave my mom and my younger brother. To go live with him in Californina."

"That's really ... far."

Raine shrugged, "Yeah. And I think its better here anyway. I mean ... Florida ... just somehow sounds better than there." Macy nodded as if she really understood but she didn't. She secretly wondered what it felt like having a father that wanted you so much, he'd bribe you with gifts.

"So did he give you that motorcycle?"

"Yeah." Now he smiled. "I've told him since I was a kid that I wanted a motorcycle and last time he was here, he brought it." He added in a whisper, "And just the one I wanted."

"When's he coming back?"

But Raine shook his head and snapped with raised eyebrows and a grin, "That's too many questions. My turn."

The End

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