Somewhat Perfectly Okay

Later on that day, Macy and Raine sat outside of Starbucks at the outdoor mall. They attempted to avoid the subject of whatever would be "going down" around Dalton's place but it was hard and they ended up discussing it.

"So who are these guys?" she asked, taking a sip of her vanilla bean frappuccino.

Raine sighed, leaning on the black iron table before answering. "There's Liam, Wesley, Stan and Stella."

"Stella? There's a thug girl?" Macy almost giggled.

"Naw ... she just hangs with those guys. Stan's her brother." He paused, "Actually, you probably know her. She goes to your school."

"Oh. That Stella? Blondie?" Raine nodded and Macy scoffed, "Ugh, that girl is such a slut. She'll sleep around with anyone."

And suddenly, Raine's face reddened and he turned away quickly. "Uh yeah," he whispered, "I know."

It took her a second to understand and then she gasped, remembering their conversation at lunch. "You slept with her?!" she screamed though they were sitting right across from each other.

"Shh. D*mn. And yeah, I did. One time. It was horrible. She was drunk. I was drunk. It didn't matter at all. I bet she doesn't even remember." He took a sip of his drink while Macy shook her head.

"I bet she remembers."

"And how would you know?"

Macy shrugged her shoulders, "The guys always seem to forget while the girls remember ... or maybe ... both people remember. I ... don't know." She instantly felt stupid for even speaking up in the first place.

"Huh. Really? Interesting theory." He lingered on his words though, making sure she understood he was just kidding. She did. But then the question popped up. "Are you a virgin, Macy?"

She practically choked on her drink in a way that was very un-Macy-like but she didn't reply so he asked again. Just like when a guy sends a girl a text message and expects an answer. And when he doesn't get one back, he'll just send it again and again and again until they do. Like the response is the key to life.


She gazed away and whispered, "No."

Even after noticing how uncomfortable she was with the conversation, he egged her on like she had in the classroom at school-payback time. "Oh, who was it? Tell me! Tell me!"

She looked back at him momentarily, raised her eyebrows and said, "Who are you, Gossip Girl?"

"Uh, Gossip Guy actually." He laughed loudly to break the sudden tension but Macy glanced away again and Raine immediately felt bad. He lowered his voice and reached for her hand. "Hey? I was kidding. You don't have to tell me."

She smiled kind of sadly. "Right. I just ... it's ... it's a ... sore subject."

"Well, we can change it."

"Um okay ... well ..." she hesitated, trying to figure out how to say this. "Can you ... can you not tell Brandon ... that ya know? He'd die if ... I mean, sure, he makes jokes and stuff but I know ... it'd kill him if he knew the truth. Okay?"

Raine nodded, "Okay. Sure. I won't." But still, in the back of his mind he wondered what was so horrible that she couldn't even tell him. He remembered her saying that she wouldn't let herself get taken advantage of ... but did she mean "again"? He shoved those thoughts away though; everyone only thought of the worst.

"So tell me more about these thugs." Macy offered with a fake smile, obviously trying to change the subject more efficiently. He launched into a story that got her away from whatever was troubling her but then again, she wasn't really listening. After her dreary thoughts deserted her, she ignored the story, only focusing on the way Raine's lips moved and the way his blue eyes sparkled. And as she stared into his beautiful eyes, he was busy staring back into hers.

The End

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