Where Is This Going?

After school, Macy sat next to Raine on Dalton’s couch, who was seated beside Brandon. “So … anyone got a real plan?” Macy asked, looking around at the guys.

“Nope.” Dalton said, taking a sip of the beer in his hand. “And my bro said he won’t be giving me money anytime soon.”

“Why not?” Brandon demanded, “I thought you said he owed you.”

“Naw … apparently I took his last girl so he’s pissed. No money.”

Raine sighed loudly and rolled his eyes, “Of course you took his girl. Haven’t you gone after everyone’s girl?”

Dalton cocked his head to the side and thought for a moment before he nodding, “Yes. Yes I have. Still got one left though.” He laughed out loud when Macy chucked a pillow at his head, making him spill his beer.

“Can we please get back the current issue here?” Macy snapped forcefully, glaring at Dalton who winked at her.

“Man, stop it. That’s my sister,” Brandon grumbled, causing everyone to shut up quickly.

“So what happens when these guys come looking for their money?” Macy asked in a whisper and no one answered her for a while.

“It gets ugly,” Brandon said quietly. “But I can handle it, okay? Macy, I don’t want you to hang around here that much for the next couple days. ‘Cause everything … ya know, is about to go down.”

“I can handle myself, Brandon. I’ll be fine … and Raine and Dalton will be around too.” Macy stared at him, trying to convince him everything would turn out all right.

But Brandon disagreed, “No. I don’t think so. You can chill at Raine’s or something. Just not here.”

Raine shook his head quickly. “Hell no. My dad’s in town. What about your place?”

Macy thought for a moment, looking over at Brandon who said, “I’m pretty sure Mom’s got meetings for the rest of the week. She’s always busy, ya know.” And Macy just nodded slowly, not saying anything to that. Their parents were a sore subject. After the divorce, their dad split and they see him only once or twice a year now. And since he left, their mom kept herself busy, always, so she’d never have the chance to focus on her unhappiness.

“Fine. We’ll hang out at our place,” Macy agreed dejectedly. “But that means you’ve got to solve this. And soon. You got me?”

Brandon nodded in understanding just as Dalton said, “Looks like she carries the whip here.”

“Shut up!” Macy shouted at him, “God, you’re so … so infuriating!”

“Oh, did your big name private school teach you that huge word?!” he taunted as her face reddened.

“No! I pulled it right out of my a*s!” She yelled sarcastically.

“Oh, just for me?! You shouldn’t have!”

“Oh will you give it a rest, Dalton?! If you just stopped opening your mouth all together, I’ll be so happy!”

“Okay,” he said calmly. “Open yours.” She got up like she was about to hit him but then regretted it. “Yeah, that’s right baby. Come on over here.”

But Brandon stood up, punching Dalton’s arm hard enough to make him wince. “I swear, if you make one more comment at my sister, I will kick you a*s right here and now. Understand, man?”

Dalton nodded, “Yeah. Okay, I gotcha. I’m done anyway.” He shot a glance at Macy who flicked him off. There was a moment of silence and in that moment, Raine’s hand found Macy’s, squeezing it comfortingly.

“Thanks,” she whispered, only low enough for him to hear. But still, Brandon and Dalton were both staring at their quiet exchange. It was obvious the subject was about to change completely.

“You guys an item?” Dalton asked, trying to control his voice and failing—a first for Macy to witness. But when neither of them answered, it appeared him (and Brandon) were waiting.

“Um …” Macy began, “We’re a … work in progress.” Brandon nodded slowly, secretly smiling. He always suspected Macy would fall for Raine and whether they were a couple or not, he didn’t care as long as Dalton stayed out of the picture. Sure, these guys were his friends but it looked as if they where turning into hers too. And that was perfectly okay with him.

The End

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