What Are We?

After kiss number one, Raine’s hand slid up to grasp Macy’s face in a way that made her practically melt. Kiss number two brought the desire to pull their bodies closer together. There was something about their kisses. Some kind of need to be closer to each other. But at kiss number three, Macy pulled away.

Raine actually looked somewhat confused but she knew it was time to explain herself. She paused for a moment and then giggled, “I’ve kinda wanted to do that since I met you.”

“Huh,” Raine said, sounding quite satisfied. “And how was it?”

“Definitely worth another.” Macy started for his lips again but he held her back.

“And what do you think Brandon’s gonna say when he finds out that I hooked up with his younger sister?”

Macy smiled, “Hmm .. well maybe he’ll be happy. I mean, hanging out with someone like him … and someone like Dalton.” She shrugged her shoulders, “How many girls can you get?”

Raine laughed quietly, shaking his head just as she pressed herself into him and the
ir lips connected, moving back in sync. After making out for some time, Raine pulled away from Macy unwillingly. “It’s getting dark. We should probably head back.”

“Right,” Macy joked, “Wouldn’t wanna be caught at night by some thugs or anything.”

But Raine agreed, “Right,” missing the sarcasm in her voice. “Um … where do you want me to take you?”

“I don’t know,” she whispered, running her hand up and down his neck slowly. “You tell me.” She kissed it, resisting his attempts to gently push her off.

“Macy, stop.” He murmured softly while taking a step back. “I already feel … kinda guilty enough. Don’t make it worse.”

She stopped abruptly. “Guilty? About what?”

Raine rubbed the back of his neck and turned away. He grabbed her helmet off the ground and handed it to her but she ignored him.

“Guilty about what?” she pressed on, folding her arms across her chest, determined to receive an response.

He shrugged and finally admitted, “It just doesn’t sound right. I mean, you’re only a sophomore.”

Macy cut him off before he could continue though. “Raine, are you serious? I … I can’t believe you’d say that. It’s not like … you didn’t do anything that … that I didn’t want you to do.” She struggled to find the right words.

“I know … I’m sorry. It’s just … Dalton and I were talking about this, okay? We were talking about what it would mean if this … happened.” He pointed to the two of them but the sky suddenly seemed so dark, she could barely make him out in the little light.

“And what does it mean?” She snatched the helmet from him forcefully. “That you were afraid you’d take advantage of me or something?” He didn’t answer, therefore confirming an obvious answer. “Well I’m not that kind of girl. I’m not that type of girl.” She snapped, “Stuff like that … just doesn’t … just doesn’t …” her voice trailed off as she climbed onto the bike after him. She leaned her head into his jacket and whispered, “It won’t happen because I won’t let it happen. And I didn’t think you’d be that one anyway.”

She knew he could hear her even if the roar of the engine was extremely loud. She knew he heard every word but pretended not to even if she was whispering.

And after that, Macy unexpectedly felt like crying as Raine raced off into the darkness. And it took a lot to make Macy Summers cry.

The End

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