Time On The Wild Side

As Macy climbed onto the back of Raine’s motorcycle, her body was filled with mixed emotions. On the inside, she was freaking out but on the outside, her face was a mask of peacefulness. She probably could have passed off as more “at peace” than Buddha.

No, scratch that.

On the inside and outside, Macy was freaking out. She tried not to let it show though. After all, motorcycles included the need for her to wrap her arms around Raine’s waist and rest her head of curls against his smooth leather jacket to breath in his peculiar sweet, smoky smell. Any moment like that could compare to peace.

But then the uproar of the engine sounded as it was kicked to life and they were off. The motorcycle ride was very exhilarating for Macy though she forced herself not to scream. Instead, her head stayed pressed to Raine’s body, her lips were twisted into a quirky smile and her eyes were wide open with the advantage of seeing the roads from a different view … at a different speed.

At one point, Raine increased the amount of distance they could cover in a smaller amount of time but Macy kept her lips tightly shut. After what seemed like an hour of riding, Raine pulled down a small dirt road that led to a patch of woods. He stopped the bike, hopping off and then helped a very stiff Macy down. He was grinned from ear-to-ear the whole time.

“Did you have fun?” he asked with anticipation but Macy didn’t have the willpower to answer him yet. He went on talking as if she had spoken anyway. “Yeah. I’m kinda surprised though, Macy. I mean, you didn’t scream once. Not even went I went twenty over the speed limit.”

“You went twenty over the speed limit?! Are you insane?!”

But Raine just smiled. “I figured you’d say something from that. Brandon told me you always complain about his quote need-for-speed. Ha. Don’t get me wrong though, another speeding ticket probably won’t tarnish his image.” He chuckled, shaking his head at the memories.

“Brandon talks about me,” was all Macy asked.

Raine’s answer was cautious but said jokingly. “He just talks about how cool you are. Ha, of course. What else?”

Macy smirked, “Nice save.” She leaned back against a tree a few free away, taking off the helmet Raine let her borrow. “Ugh, now I have helmet hair.”

Raine laughed, walking around the bike to stand quite closely in front of Macy. “It doesn’t look that bad,” he joked. “Here. I’ll fix it.” He reached up slowly to gently brush back some of her hair. His pale blue eyes stared into her brown ones the entire time he was touching her.

And then she leaned forward, closing the small distance between them that Raine had probably thought about putting together, like the final pieces of a complicated puzzle.

The End

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