Flirting With Friends

“And what do you think of me?” Macy asked after they had stopped laughing. Raine shrugged his shoulders, realized they were leaning into each other and leaned away.

He put a hand under his chin and looked at Macy as if he was pondering all of life’s most important questions. “You definitely seem like the prep type. But unlike you … I won’t follow along with the idea of cliques.”

Macy shook her head. “I am not prep.”

“If you’re not a prep, then Dalton’s not a whore.”

“Dalton is definitely a whore.” She laughed, “But then … what are you?”

Raine pointed to himself, “Who me? Oh I’m a B.A. no matter what.”

“A B.A? Really? You actually say that?”

“Hey, don’t push it. I don’t deal with that kind of attitude. Because I’m a B.A.” He cupped his hand like he was telling a secret, “That’s a bada*s. I just shortened it.” Raine smiled just as she did.

“Dane cook?! Ha, ha oh my god, I love him!”

“Ha, ha. Yeah, he’s hilarious.” He paused, “Now we have something in common.”

“Um … yay.” She giggled behind her hand, looking away. Suddenly, she realized lunch was already over. “Oh my god, I’m gonna be so late to class.” Raine gazed around as well and saw that the lunch area was practically empty. They must have been really into their conversation … or really into each other.

“I’ve got an idea.” Raine offered, “You can prove you’re not a prep if … you skip class. With me.”

“You honestly think I’ve never skipped class before?” Macy asked with raised eyebrows.

“That’s not how you’ll prove it,” Raine taunted. He tilted his face closer to hers and whispered, “Have you ever been on a motorcycle?”

Meanwhile, Dalton and Brandon sat in the small living space of Dalton’s place trying to figure out a way to solve their problem: with video games.

At first glance, Brandon looked exactly like Macy. His hair was the same brown with the same curl and his eyes were a similar shade of chocolate brown. He was taller though and with a more muscular, athletic body. Macy on the other hand, had the shape of a dancer. Still, they could have been twins. But they didn’t act like regular siblings. Brandon and Macy were closer than close. After their parents divorced when she was in eighth grade, the family falling apart pulled the two of them together. They talked as if they were best friends, always there for each other. So of course, when trouble came along—and it did very often with Brandon—Macy was there to support and help because she knew he’d be doing the same for her.

The End

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